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Artificial Intelligence – From Science Fiction to Reality: Strategies, Challenges & Best-Practices for Cities AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks… These concepts sound like they are just out of the lab. However, several governments are using these data-driven systems to operate infrastructure, inform or take decisions. By analysing a number of real-world AI applications in cities (directly with those using them) as well as the policy frameworks cities are putting in place to guarantee an ethical use, participants will gain insight to evaluate not just the benefits, but also the risks and ways to address them in advance. The session will discuss with practitioners from leading cities how AI systems are currently used in urban contexts, and how they are tackling the challenges and risks associated to their use. Follow the Creative Bureaucracy Festival ————– Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: About the Creative Bureaucracy Festival ————– The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is the largest festival in the world that brings together innovators in the public sector across all sectors and levels. It has been held in Berlin every year since 2018 and has since inspired partner events around the world. In 2020 and 2021, the event with 400 speakers and 150 sessions was purely digital, gathering up to 18,000 minds and ideas over a week. Central to each day was the Highlight Hour, where festival president Charles Landry and television journalist Astrid Frohloff presented the day’s highlights.
This video shows how MLA Donor Company, JBS and Scott Technologies have pushed into the realm of beef automation, applying learnings from lamb to robotic beef rib cutting.
Amazing Disclosures from Geordie here. How he talks about the capabilities of the machine in simulating quantum materials, to apparently make better things such as “pharmaceuticals”, which apparently are chemical, but also QUANTUM materials in nature… (can you say : quantum nanotechnology / transhumanism “Alien God” machine !) (I hope nobody thinks of putting something like, lets say, “DNA” into it! Well, if I just thought it… I can’t be the only one… Now nobody in God’s name would be tempted to mess with DNA in a quantum device, would they?… Geordie says ALL materials that inherently get there appearance from the microcosm (photons and electrons) (EVERYTHING) can be simulated by the DWAVE, with appropriate scaling… And how he is referring to the microcosm (photons and electrons) as “gears” to the power of the DWAVE machine! … Well lets just hope nobody ( like the governements of the world ) think of putting the gears/software together with a “big bang cyclotronic motor”/hardware underground in politically neutral terittory (LHC in switzerland) to make a vehicle that can displace mass on a quantum scale with immense energy , divorced of solar – stellar impact ( Macrocosmic quantum effect – Mandela Effect ) … (CERN)… Yah. Already done. Link to full video :
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Last year, we introduced Panasonic’s AR HUD to the world. This year, the AR HUD gets even smarter.
Giant Oak nerds out! A fun webinar discussing our favorite sci-fi, how it relates to the real work of tech development, and how it continues to inspire future innovators, machine learning, and the development of artificial intelligence.
Check out “A Brief History of AI”, the first episode of our 4-episode series on Artificial Intelligence with Prof. Dan Cautis from Georgetown University! Part of the Future Horizons communication platform, this episode takes you back to the early days of Artificial Intelligence while highlighting the following matters: 1. Why we should question the hype; 2. AI applications from healthcare, finances and space engineering to defense, smartphones and robotics; 3. The difference between Narrow AI and Artificial General Intelligence; 4. John von Neumann and Alan Turing’s digital computer and the birth of AI; 5. Computationalism and the logic touch in calculations; 6. The leap from number crunching to AI; 7. The Golden Years of AI: the contribution of McCarthy, the ungrounded optimism of Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon and the likes, and the classical AI paradigm; 8. The early signs of the AI winter; 9. How Machine Learning revived and renewed AI; 10. Moore’s Law and the rise of neural networks as a new field of interest and focus; 11. The paradigm shift towards machine learning; 12. Branches in machine learning: supervised learning, classification, unsupervised learning; clustering, linear regression, prediction, reinforcement learning; 13. Machine learning algorithms and concepts. Follow us for more news on technology & innovation! Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
In this video i talk about the reality of Artificial Intelligence jobs. Specifically I discuss: 1. Reality of Getting Machine Learning/AI Jobs at top product companies like Google, Facebook as a fresher. 2. Setting realistic deadlines and timelines to get a job in this field. 3. Salary and package Expectations as a fresher for machine learning/deep learning engineer roles. Do subscribe to the channel and like the video if you want more videos like this! You can connect with me on my socials: Linkedin: My 2nd Youtube Channel: My medium account(I publish blogs here):
Presenting Lockdown Lectures from Goldsmiths’ Department of Computing. A series of short lectures in which our academics introduce you to their worlds, from emojis to artificial intelligence, all from their homes. No previous knowledge required! This week, Dr Marco Gilles will talk about how Artificial Intelligence technologies can be used to create more immersive VR experiences by generating complex worlds, sensing the subtleties of our body movements, and, in particular, allowing us to interact with realistic, human-like characters.
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This is a basic introduction which contains: Evolution of Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Angular and React, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Apps (I-Apps), Big Data, Robotic Processor Automation (RPA),
Powerful quotes by some of the best thinkers about Artificial Intelligence. Should we be afraid of AI? Music: #AI #deepquotes #rethinkreality
A realistic look in the future of AI Dr. Julie Carpenter will talk about the fears and hopes that the topic of artificial intelligence evokes in people. She will correct false impressions, discuss the implications of this topic in the here and now, and take a realistic look at the future. Finally, she will also address ethical issues in this context. She takes a critical and very pragmatic look at the future of AI. Dr. Julie Carpenter TW:
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This lecture considers the current reality of Artificial Intelligence in education and its transformative potential. What do we mean by the term ‘AI’? A lecture by Professor Rose Luckin, University College London 09 April 2019 6pm (UK time) This lecture will consider the current reality of AI in education and its transformative potential. Professor Luckin will introduce what we mean by the term AI and how the development of increasingly smart technologies in the workplace and home requires us to change how and what we teach and learn. It will be explained how AI is already supporting the teaching and learning process, with speculation about the possible futures that AI might provide in order to help us tackle our greatest educational challenges.
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.”Change Shopping Forever” … that’s a pretty bold statement to make from two small cap companies in the early stages of commercialization. But when you watch this interview, it becomes pretty apparent why Loop Insights (MTRX:TSXV) and ImagineAR (IP:CSE / IPNFF:OTCQB) realized within a couple of hours of speaking they were creating the “Minority Report” of shopping. How? Well, this is the part where we write a carefully crafted synopsis of the interview to provide viewers with enough context to dive into the video. But this is the first time in our existence where a synopsis just isn’t possible because it’s tough enough trying to describe the benefits of one paradigm shifting technology, let alone two of them that have joined forces. If we tried, we’d give away the entire interview and still not do it justice. Trust us that this is a video you have to watch – and then share. In fact, you’ll probably end up watching it a couple of times. These two companies are onto something we’ve never seen before. At Agoracom, we believe the convergence of AI and AR is going to change the world this decade in many applications – and we just found the first two companies who may very well be doing by closing the loop between E-commerce and Bricks & Mortar. Get your popcorn ready. Watch this interview or listen by Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify or your favourite podcaster.
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