Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence today? But what is it? How and when it is going to have an impact in our lives?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a branch of computer science. It deals with the stimulation of intelligent behavior in computers.

AI is a suite of technologies where machines automatically learn and adapt to a specific environment.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in industry, businesses, society, and in our everyday lives.

From deep learning to natural language processing, we interact with AI in one way or another on a daily basis. Sometimes without realizing we are doing it.

Robots can now take on many of the most repetitive jobs performed by humans with more accuracy, and much faster. But robots are not the only ones with embedded AI.

AI will let humans switch to more skillful and better jobs.

It only requires some training in new skills. But isn’t life a constant learning process after all?

Humans will be able to work less hours, having more free time to enjoy life, family, hobbies, and friends.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to interpret data and act intelligently, meaning they can make decisions and carry out tasks based on the data at hand – rather like a human does.

It truly is a transformative technology – one that will dramatically alter our lives in very real ways. AI is already deeply embedded in your everyday life, and it’s not going anywhere. Google CEO Sundar Pichai even claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) will be more transformative to humanity than electricity.

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This video explains about artificial intelligence, Artificial general intelligence and Technological singularity. Difference between artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence explains the technological singularity.

But debate about Artificial intelligence future technology are different ideas from each side. some debate that Artificial general intelligence lead extinct of human life because artificial intelligence get more intelligence compare to humans on the other hand some believe that which not happens.

Elon Musk and Stephan William Hawking’s believe that Artificial intelligence future technology lead human extinct

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Dr Ben Goertzel is the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Science Advisor for Hanson Robotics.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with decades of expertise in applying AI to practical problems like natural language processing, data mining, video gaming, robotics, national security and bioinformatics.

He was part of the Hanson team which developed the AI software for the humanoid Sophia robot, which can communicate with humans and display more than 50 facial expressions.Today he also serve as Chairman of the AGI Society, the Decentralized AI Alliance and the futurist nonprofit organisation Humanity+.

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The introduction of AI or Artificial Intelligence is a step that is creating waves in technology. One particular area that is going to be tremendously influenced by the introduction of Al is the field of education. It is time that educational institutions take advantage of technological advancements and modify their environments accordingly. With the current speed that everything has been updating and adapting, it won’t be long before we see Al playing a huge role in teaching. Here’s how AI is going to shape education in the near future.

Read Here: https://hitberry.com/should-students-expect-undertake-ai-designed-classes-2019

(0:50) Classes Beyond the Classroom
(1:30) Personalized Learning
(2:08) Smart Campuses
(2:49) Feedback and Monitoring
(3:29) Information Portal
(4:51) Final Thoughts

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The Church – His Body

Horizon Zero Dawn got in my head and convinced me that the robots were going to take over. I decided to find out if that was true…


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