Recorded at the GAIA conference on April 10th 2018 in collaboration with Ericsson. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made enormous progress during the last decade, and AI techniques are already widely used in industry and society. Expectations on these technologies are high, often so high that the technology we have today cannot come close to fulfil them. We will discuss what modern AI is, what is possible and what problems remain to be solved. We will present what RISE AI does within the area, how to create more interpretable machine learning models, approaches to bridge the gap between learning and reasoning, and what we believe is a way forward towards more general, large-scale AI-systems.
Dr. Daniel Gillblad is responsible for Machine Learning and Analytics research at SICS, and leads the newly formed Learning Machines at SICS research center. He has a background in statistical machine learning and large scale data analytics, and has extensive experience of applying such methods in practice. He holds an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and received his Ph.D. in computer science in 2008, both from KTH in Stockholm. His research interests are focused around large scale data analytics, higher-order representation learning, and networked intelligence.
Daniel Gillblad, PhD, Director, Decisions, Networks and Analytics Laboratory, RISE SICS AB .Artificial intelligence beyond Machine Learning, and what are we at RISE SICS doing in this area.