In this podcast episode, Ryan has the pleasure of talking with Gihan Perera, who is an author, conference speaker and consultant. As a futurist, Gihan researches trends that will impact the future of work and brings these insights to audiences in a relevant way. Gihan talks about one of the biggest trends at the moment, artificial intelligence, and explains how it is already everywhere in our lives, how it helps us do our jobs better, and how it will continue to evolve. He also discusses digital disruption and the challenges around it, skills leaders of today need to have, and innovation. He shares his insights on creating a high performance culture characterised by diversity and inclusion, as well as the importance of learning from the younger generations like Gen Z. Lastly, he talks about his book “The Future of Leadership” and some of the insights that can be learned from it. Links Read more about or get in touch with Gihan Perera here Where else you can find us Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Podcast: Blogs: YouTube: