More on Aliens, Robots, A.I and The Singularity: Do Robot Aliens Exist? When First Contact is made…will it be with biological creatures or profoundly sophisticated and intelligent robots or artificial life forms. Though hundreds of scientists and philosophers are heralding the impending Singularity, or birth of the first self aware computer, few futurists outside of sci-fi writers are talking about the possibility that artificial intelligence is already out there…and has been so for millennia. “Most people have an iconic idea of aliens as these biological creatures, but that doesn’t make any sense from a timescale argument,” – Susan Schneider, a professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut. Think about it. By the time a civilization learns to send radio signals, they’re already a hop-skip away from upgrading their own biology. “As soon as a civilization invents radio, they’re within fifty years of computers, then, probably, only another fifty to a hundred years from inventing AI. At that point, soft, squishy brains become an outdated model.” – Seth Shostak, SETI Take human beings for example. Aside from our own rapidly developing computer technology we have new developments in neural implants, brain/computer interface, biological and quantum computing. Our own Singularity is at hand! So imagine an alien civilisation much older with technology far more advanced than ours. Many astronomers believe that if an alien civilization is already “radio-hot” then they are probably thousands to millions of years older than we are. “The way you reach this conclusion is very [More]
Image result for conjunctive normal Conjunctive normal form. In Boolean logic, a formula is in conjunctive normal form (CNF) or clausal normal form if it is a conjunction of one or more clauses, where a clause is a disjunction of literals; otherwise put, it is an AND of ORs. #ArtificialIntelligence #ConjunctiveNormalForm Follow me on Instagram 👉 Visit my Profile 👉 Support my work on Patreon 👉
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