Presented by SGInnovate Partnered with Centre on AI Technology for Humankind Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hailed as both the hero and the villain of future business scenarios. While many believe it will result in mass redundancies and global disruption, others see a new dawn of enlightened management and ultra-efficiency that will spur a wave of new business opportunities. However, the scale of impact is still unclear as to how the implementation of AI in the workplace will affect on-the-ground management and leadership in companies in the 21st century. Delve deep into “Leadership by Algorithm: Who Leads and Who Follows in the AI Era”, the recently launched book authored by Prof David De Cremer, Founder and Director, Centre on AI Technology for Humankind, NUS Business School. The book has been featured on The Financial Times’ and Wharton School of Business’ recommendations and have topped the AI & Semantics chart on Amazon. In this talk, Prof Cremer will discuss the key areas where algorithms will collide with human skills and assesses the likely outcomes. Important questions that will be addressed include: Will your next boss be a robot? Can an AI boss display the human qualities that define a good leader – compassion, empathy, imagination, ethics and strategic awareness? Can organisations optimise their business by means of automation while preserving their human identity? Date: 16 June 2020, Tuesday Time: 10:30 am – 11:30am (UTC+8) Programme: 11:00am – 12:00pm: Leadership by Algorithm: Who Leads and Who Follows in the AI Era Connect [More]