This video shows a robot picking oranges from a farm. There are no sound in the video because i wanted to show the viewers what the robot is thinking, while picking oranges. Building a robot to pick oranges isn’t as simple as identifying ripe oranges and putting them into a basket. There are company rules the robot has to follow in order to pick oranges. A few years ago, a employee working for this farming company was climbing a tall orange tree and he accidently fell and broke his leg. The farming company was sued for 1 million dollars in medical bills. This prompted the farm company to issue a rule that states no employee can climb a tree to pick oranges. In addition to this rule, there are many other rules employees have to follow. The robot has to remember and follow all rules and common sense rules that are not stated in the company policies. At the beginning, the robot generates a overall search strategy for his search area (lines 4, 5, and 6). In the video, the robot has to devise search strategies for each type of tree. Since orange trees come in different shapes and sizes, the robot has to generate new search strategies for each tree. For example, a tall tree is searched differently from a small tree. For more information about human level artificial intelligence, visit my website: tags: human level artificial intelligence, ai, artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, true ai, strong ai, [More]