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Here is another true story of something that I experienced. And a little bit of my take on why I think I’ve been through some of the things that I have. It may be hard to accept but I believe it to be true. I know it’s kind of long but, Plz watch all the way through. Do not go to any conventions for “truthers”. They’re traps. -Links- Here is a link to the occult music videos I was referring to. Pray to the one true God of creation for protection before looking at them! ×××Rob Skiba××× It’s Time to Come Out of Babylon (christmas) Archon Invasion Part 1 – The Origin of the Nephilim (FULL) Decoding Deception – Part 1: The Seed War: Deception, Disobedience and Exile Decoding Deception – Part 2: Babylon Rising: Declaring the End from the Beginning Decoding Deception – Part 3: Ephraim Awakening: Redeeming the Bride 2016 Lubbock Nephilim Conference – Session 4: Rob Skiba – X-men and the Apocalypse Geordie Rose – Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here Geordie Rose of Kindred AI presents Super-intelligent Aliens Are Coming to Earth +++Affected Collective+++ Sophia the AI Robot Says The Darndest Things! HAS THE SINGULARITY HAPPENED? Artificial Intelligence Retrocausality CERN’s 1980’s LEP Antimatter COLLIDER Mandela Effect Alternate Quantum Timeline 2017 +++Lion and the Lamb+++ Nanotechnology In McDonald’s Food; Under The Microscope:Mike Adams My Testimony As A Targeted Individual ×××Chills××× (demon at the very end [More]