Biometric security is strong and unique. But what happens if somebody steals your faceprint or fingerprint? You are compromised everywhere for the rest of your life. Support me through Patreon: – or donate anonymously: Monero: 84DYxU8rPzQ88SxQqBF6VBNfPU9c5sjDXfTC1wXkgzWJfVMQ9zjAULL6rd11ASRGpxD1w6jQrMtqAGkkqiid5ef7QDroTPp Bitcoin: 1HkDxXAVDFhBHSyRjam5WW5uoY88sxn5qz The whole promise of biometric security stands and falls on how easy it is to replicate and abuse biometric modals. And the short answer is – it’s a cat and mouse game. On the long enough timeline, someone will be able to recreate a copy of your face or fingerprints that works just fine enough to fool authenticating systems. Once your biometric data is compromised, it affects all applications at once and you will be affected for the rest of your life. Sources (in chronological order): Entropy Biometric data compromise CCC group tricking Apple Touch ID → video German minister fingerprint Kaspersky report Taylor Swift using facial recognition Vimeo law suit over facial recognition Researchers bypass Apple Face ID Another bypass of Face ID Android face unlock features suck U.S. Office of Personnel Management data breach 1 million fingerprints lost in a UK data base Airline data breaches False rejection and false acceptance and this: Passwords are better Government can abuse Face ID, Touch ID Credits: Music by CO.AG Music Follow me: The footage and images featured in the video were for critical analysis, commentary and parody, which [More]