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In this video I show how to extract a malicious URL from a PDF without opening it, how to spot a weaponized Office document, and a method to quickly de-obfuscate PowerShell. Enjoy! Links: – REMnux: https://www.remnux.org – PDF: https://app.any.run/tasks/0bf96bc2-041b-4918-9440-4fce9b160ae7/# – Macro-enabled doc: https://hybrid-analysis.com/sample/0aee2350aab11b452b864426d7e7f5735b06ed55c09429f0e0ab38015b8771ee?environmentId=100 === My SANS Courses: – SEC450 – Blue Team Fundamentals: https://sans.org/sec450 – MGT551 – Building and Leading Security Operations Centers: https://sans.org/mgt551 PDF Guide to Security Operations: https://www.sans.org/security-resources/posters/cyber-defense/guide-security-operations-260 Blueprint Podcast: https://sans.org/blueprint-podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecHubb
Hi. In this lecture will transform tokens into features. And the best way to do that is Bag of Words. Let’s count occurrences of a particular token in our text. The motivation is the following. We’re actually looking for marker words like excellent or disappointed, and we want to detect those words, and make decisions based on absence or presence of that particular word, and how it might work. Let’s take an example of three reviews like a good movie, not a good movie, did not like. Let’s take all the possible words or tokens that we have in our documents. And for each such token, let’s introduce a new feature or column that will correspond to that particular word. So, that is a pretty huge metrics of numbers, and how we translate our text into a vector in that metrics or row in that metrics. So, let’s take for example good movie review. We have the word good, which is present in our text. So we put one in the column that corresponds to that word, then comes word movie, and we put one in the second column just to show that that word is actually seen in our text. We don’t have any other words, so all the rest are zeroes. And that is a really long vector which is sparse in a sense that it has a lot of zeroes. And for not a good movie, it will have four ones, and all the rest of zeroes [More]
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This video introduces us to the basics of deep learning as to how it is very effective for unstructured data as it does not need feature engineering to be done for images or audio or video or text. Instead it can help in automated feature extraction in form of a hierarchy of concepts which is automated which can further feed to classification or clustering or other machine learning problems. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tarah-ai-8316b7153/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tarahtech #AI #DeepLearning #ReinforcementLearning #MachineLearning #ML #DL #DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence #Classification #Jobs #Regression #Clustering #Intelligence #Learn #Intelligence #Knowledge #LearnFromHome #BI #BA #Analytics #Insights #Visualization #Graphs #Robots #Speech #BackPropagation #CNN #RNN #LSTM #NeuralNetworks #Network #Prediction #BigData #Hadoop #Spark #Python #LearnPython #LearnAI #LearnMachineLearning #LearnML #jobs #annotators #newjobs #employment #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #automation #labeling #ethics #robotics #reskilling #AI #Automation #jobs #newskills #oldskills #reinvention #humanresources #deeplearning #featureextraction #featureengineering #Automatedfeaturextraction #hierarchy #NLP #ComputerVision #SpeechProcessing #UnstructuredData #AI
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