The Schwartz Reisman weekly seminar series welcomes Joanna J. Bryson, professor of ethics and technology at the Hertie School in Berlin. She is a globally recognized leader in intelligence broadly, including AI policy and AI ethics. Bryson’s present research focuses on the impact of technology on economies and human cooperation, transparency for and through AI systems, interference in democratic regulation, the future of labour, society, and digital governance more broadly. Her work has appeared in venues ranging from a reddit to Science. As of July 2020, Bryson is one of nine experts nominated by Germany to the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). Visit her blog Adventures in NI for more on her work in natural and artificial intelligence. You can find her recommended readings from her blog below under, additional readings. Talk title: “Bias, Trust, and Doing Good: Scientific Explorations of Topics in AI Ethics” Abstract: This talk takes a scientific look at the cultural phenomena behind the #tags many people associate with AI ethics and regulation. I will introduce the concept of public goods, show how these relate to sustainability, and then provide a quick review of three recent results concerning: – What trust is, where it comes from, what it’s for, and how AI might alter it; – Where bias in language comes from, what it’s for, and whether AI might and should be used to alter it; – Where polarization comes from, what it was for historically, and how we should deal with it in the [More]