Robot Exhibition in Beijing: the coolest robots from China 2020. Robot Exhibition 2020. The newest and coolest robots and amazing technologies of the future. Incredible robots and gadgets in China. News of technology. China International Services Trade Fair CIFTIS 2020 this year was the first major event in China since the beginning of the pandemic. And the real sensation was the robot exhibition grounds. 1. CANBOT – robot cooker 2. Robot barista from Orion Star Technology 3. Qualcomm’s barista robot is based on industrial manipulators 4. robot with six legs, created by researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University 5. Unitree Robotics – A1 robot and robot Laikago 6. Deep Robotics brought its four-legged robot: robot Jueying Pro 7. UBTECH company has brought three of its best robots at once: humanoid Walker robot / portable Alpha Mini robot / cloud intelligent service robot CRUZR 8. Robot administrator 9. Xinsong brought smart robotic equipment for rehabilitation 10 Canbot – medical robot 11. Root “Nurse” – medical robot 12. Chinese robot Pong 13. robot artist Saidaqian painted portraits 14. ZHZ TD220, a Chinese multifunctional drone 15, The Institute of Vehicles and Transportation of Tsinghua University presented 6 unmanned vehicles 17.High-tech giant ABB demonstrated 2 super capabilities of its YuMi robot 18. Bionic fish robots were swimming in swimming pools 19. robodogs from Ghost Robotics Robot dog, robot bartender, robot barista, medical robots, robots cooks, industrial, service, humanoid and robotic animals. Which is the coolest robot 2020? All the most interesting and new robots in [More]
Cool robots and incredible gadgets at CES 2020. The most complete overview! Robot Tradeshow 2020. Incredible robots and inventions of the future in Las Vegas. News of technology. All the most interesting robots from the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition. As always, the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 shocked with incredible technology, gadgets and robots. And even if some of them seem unrealistic, this is the essence of CES: look at the future of technology! It is here that you can see what will be the mainstream in a couple of years: new robots, smart robots, new technologies 2020, robot cars, car avatar, robot cook, robot waiter, robot butler, smart home manager and much more! Take a liking and see what was the coolest show in 2020 (the most complete overview). Samsung robots, the Sony Vision S concept car created in conjunction with NVIDIA (and whether or not they’re associated with the Tesla Model 3, and how it reacted to the Elon Musk concept), the latest exoskeleton Guardian XO, an avatar car from Mercedes-Benz AVTR, cool drones and drones including EVO II, EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual from Autel Robotics, and much more! #prorobots #technology #ces2020 PRO Robots is not just a channel about robots and future technologies, we are interested in science, technology, new technologies and robotics in all its manifestations, science news, technology news today, science and technology news 2020, so that in the future it will be possible to expand future release topics. Today, our vlog [More]