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Fireside Chat with Judy Spitz, former CIO Verizon and Founder Break Through Tech and Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, HITEC Board Secretary, Retired KPMG Partner and former Global Head of Management Consulting at KPMG, on the importance of Diversity in the age of AI, Digital Transformation, and a Tech Industry needing to move from conversation to action Speakers: Judith Spitz, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director, Break Through Tech – Because the future of innovation depends on all of us Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Transformational Global Business and Thought Leader, HITEC Board Director, Retired KPMG Partner & Director, Hovnanian Enterprises
The original video credited here was recorded in 2017. In it, we see D-Wave Quantum Computer co-founder, Geordie Rose, talking to a Vancouver Tech Conference audience, made mostly of possible future employees, of his newest and most ambitious start-up yet, KINDRED A.I… In this creepy video, Geordie, nonchalantly mentions his new company’s ultimate mission to create human level A.I. that will be capable of doing “…anything any human can do, but do it way better.” He and his collegues at KINDRED, seek to “change the world forever” with their godlike creation that he says will be no different than a super-intelligent alien being that isn’t gonna be aligned with what we as humans want or need, and won’t, “… give a shit about us in the slightest!” Geordie’s speech here is about as terrifyingly appalling, doom filled, satanically over-toned, and over-all just about as fearsome and horrifying of a story that you have ever heard, right from the mouth of one of the scientific communities most highly esteemed members and one of the co-creators of thee most advanced computer system ever developed in the world! This dude is fully legit and no crackpot scientist I can assure you of that. I believe that this is the sole reason for the intense level of alarm and plain old spook my brain and body feels when I listen to this speech… 👀😳😱… NOPE! 😎🕶🌪 #singularity #ai #quantumcomputing #aliens #antichrist #summoning #demons #mandelaeffect #kindred #dwave #july132030
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3 Meaningful Minutes: Episode #1. Will Robots Ever Be As Smart As Humans? This video explores some things to consider on the subject. ——— DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC from ShatterRed: ——— GET AN EMAIL ALERT WHEN THERE’S A NEW #3MM VIDEO. (link coming soon) ——— ********** SUBSCRIBE to “3 Meaningful Minutes! 🙂 ********** Get “Let In The Love,” the song featured on today’s video, on iTunes: ——— Previous 3MM Episode: (There is none, this is the first episode!) ——— NEXT 3MM Episode: ——— ——— Main YouTube Channel: ——— LIKE us on FACEBOOK! ——— FOLLOW us on TWITTER! ——— FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM: —————- Our Website: —————— Our Christian Music Industry Blog: ———– Here are some articles for further reading about today’s topic: Why robots will not be smarter than humans by 2029 More about this episode: It’s a common fear in that finds its way into a lot of science fiction: Will robots/computers become smarter than humans and overpower us? We have devices like Siri and the Amazon Echo which can speak and interact with us. We have films and TV shows like I, Robot; Person of Interest; Revolution; and Terminator that show us what can happen when the cyber world becomes too powerful. Is it inevitable? There may actually be hope. Consciousness is a very complex thing. Debate in the comments!