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Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform air cargo and take it to the next level through improved planning, prediction, and personalisation. Is AI really transforming air cargo and taking it into the next level? Reji John, Editor, The STAT Trade Times, leads a panel discussion to find some answers at the Air Cargo Europe conference on June 5, 2019 during tranport logistic in Munich, Germany. In the panel are Thorsten Friedrich, Head of eAWB Global Rollout, Lufthansa Cargo; Manel Galindo, CEO, WebCargo by Freightos; Sara Van Gelder, Cargo Business Development Manager, Brussels Airport Company; Adrian Kosowski, Head of Research & Co-Founder, NavAlgo.
Author & Founding Director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, Nick Bostrom, discusses the implications and potential effects of artificial intelligence and developments in technology at IP EXPO Europe 2016
Professor Stuart Russell discusses his seminar on the rise of intelligent machines, what the goals of their creation are and how to make the consequences good, and not bad at IP EXPO Europe 2017. The world renowned AI pioneer who wrote the standard text on AI reveals his thoughts on its future and what that means for humanity in general at www.ipexpoeurope.com.
The Best Ai Startups in Europe https://valuer.ai/blog/the-best-ai-startups-in-europe/ ROBART GmbH – Austria, Linz. This startup provides artificial intelligence and navigation system such as software, electronics and IoT services. GiniMachine – Belarus, Minsk. Company develops Ai credit scoring solution through machine learning algorithms. Pick-it – Belgium, Heverlee. Focusing on developing a robot vision solution capable of allowing the robot to see, pick and place products. A4everyone – Bulgaria, Sofia. Helps businesses to maximize the information from collecting data through analytical solutions. DenCity – Croatia, Kruge. Blockchain platform which allows everyone to get in touch with this virtual reality. L2P LIMITED – Cyprus, Limassol. Provides e-learning projects on the most popular games. Incomaker – Czech Republic, Rozloky. Sales and marketing automation tool that allows small businesses to replace human work by Ai. Uizard Technologies – Denmark, Copenhagen. An intuitive tool that allows you to build apps, websites and IT products in general thanks to Ai. AdHive – Estonia, Tallinn. A platform that automates the placement of ads among influencers on Instagram and Youtube. The Curious AI Company – Finland, Helsinki. This company makes an artificial brain which takes inspiration from human brains. Snips – France, Paris. Voice platform that allows makers and companies to add a voice assistant to their products. Konux – Germany, Munich. A unique tool for railway companies to use predictive maintenance by combining smart sensors and Ai data analytics. Accusonus – Greece, Athens. An innovative technology in the digital audio field that provides novel software tools. Synetiq – Hungary, [More]