On this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Dan Faggella joins us to discuss why leaders should care about artificial intelligence, how to manage the change around AI, the ROI of AI, and more. Dan Faggella is the Head of Research and CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, as well as a Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Before joining Emerj, Dan was a black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who competed internationally. 0:00 intro 1:10 about Dan and Emerj AI Research 2:27 why leaders should care about AI 5:08 how Emerj helps businesses with AI 8:02 managing the change of AI 18:12 the ROI of AI 27:36 Dan’s past in martial arts 31:16 where to learn more about Dan & his work: https://emerj.com/ Register for Dan’s webinar, Starting an AI Consulting Practice – 3 Critical Factors for Success: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/14/w8v97bp // Strategic planning & implementation resources: Free Workbook ► Get free workbook to guide you along the process: https://www.smestrategy.net/strategic-planning-process-template-workbook Course ► Learn how to successfully lead your next strategic planning process: https://www.smestrategy.net/strategic-planning-steps-course Free Events ► Check out our upcoming events: https://www.smestrategy.net/events Facilitator ► Are you looking for someone to facilitate your strategic planning process? https://www.smestrategy.net/strategic-planning-facilitator-consultant Track your plan ► Want software to track your strategic plan? Get a 90-day free trial of Cascade Strategy: http://www.smestrategy.net/cascade Blog ► https://www.smestrategy.net/blog Podcast ►https://www.smestrategy.net/podcast ‘Alignment’ Book ► https://www.smestrategy.net/alignment-book // Connect with us: Free Community ► Join our free community: https://strategy-and-leadership.mn.co/ Contact us ►https://www.smestrategy.net/contact Subscribe! ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHLNRrpk3rGUdg7qUQjiog/?sub_confirmation=1 // ABOUT SME STRATEGY CONSULTING: SME [More]