Susan Schneider explores the philosophy, ethics and cognitive science behind the idea of merging or replacing our brains with artificial intelligence. Susan’s book “Artificial You” is available now: Can robots really be conscious? Can we merge with AI, as tech leaders like Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil suggest? Is the mind just a program? Given the rapid pace of progress in AI, many predict that it could advance to human-level intelligence within the next several decades. Susan Schneider proposes ways we can test for machine consciousness, questions whether consciousness is an unavoidable byproduct of sophisticated intelligence, and considers the overall dangers of creating machine minds. Watch the Q&A: Susan Schneider is the NASA/Baruch Blumberg Chair at the Library of Congress and the director of the AI, Mind and Society Group at the University of Connecticut. She also worked on a project for NASA for two years in which she explored superintelligent AI. Previously, she was at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton devising tests for AI consciousness. This talk was streamed live by the Ri on 2 June 2020. — A very special thank you to our Patreon supporters who help make these videos happen, especially: Alan Latteri, Alan Moore, Andrew Downing, Andrew McGhee, Andrew Weir, Anonymous, Dave Ostler, David Crowner, David Lindo, David Schick, Fairleigh McGill, Frances Dunne, Greg Nagel, Jan Bannister, Jan Všetíček, Joe Godenzi,, Kellas Lowery, Lasse T. Stendan, Lester Su, Margaret Barnett, Martin Steed, Matt Townsend, Michelle J. Zamarron, Osian Gwyn Williams, [More]