A senior Google engineer says one of the company’s artificial intelligence systems has become a sentient being. The technology firm has suspended Blake Lemoine for breaching confidentiality rules — and insists there’s no evidence its AI chatbot is now free thinking.  A spokesperson for Google said while chatbots can imitate conversation, they are not sentient. Mr Lemoine has suggested the robot should gets its own lawyer. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog #BBCNews
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Google Engineer Blake Lemoine joins Emily Chang to talk about some of the experiments he conducted that lead him to think that LaMDA was a sentient AI, and to explain why he is now on administrative leave. He’s on “Bloomberg Technology.” #google #bots #artificialintelligence #technology Read more here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-17/can-ai-gain-sentience-maybe-but-probably-not-yet-quicktake ——– Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg Technology on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrM7B7SL_g1edFOnmj-SDKg Watch the latest full episodes of “Bloomberg Technology” with Emily Chang here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfAX25ZLrPGRzfILkSd-YiWfsoloCETAe Get the latest in tech from Silicon Valley and around the world here: https://www.bloomberg.com/technology Connect with us on… Twitter: https://twitter.com/technology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloombergTechnology Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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if you would like to support my work: https://www.paypal.me/vinay6666 Hello Everyone!!! Let’s check out what are the 5 must-have skills to become a machine learning engineer. First, let’s understand what machine learning is. In simple words., Machine learning is all about making the computers to perform intelligent tasks without explicitly coding. This is achieved by training the computer with lots and lots of data. For example: Detecting whether a mail is a spam or not, recognizing handwritten digits, Fraud detection in Transactions… and many such applications… Now let’s see what are the top 5 skills to get a machine learning job. 1). At number 1, we have Math Skills: Under math skills, we need to know probability and statistics, linear algebra and calculus. Probability and Statistics: Machine learning is very much closely related to statistics. You need to know the fundamentals of statistics and probability theory, descriptive statistics, Baye’s rule and random variables, probability distributions, sampling, hypothesis testing, regression and decision analysis. Linear Algebra: You need to know how to with matrices and some basic operations on matrices such as matrix addition, subtraction, scalar and vector multiplication, inverse, transpose and vector spaces. Calculus: In calculus, you need to know the basics of differential and integral calculus. 2). At number two we have Programming skills: A little bit of coding skills is enough. But it’s preferred to have the knowledge of data structures, algorithms and Object Oriented Programming (or OOPs) concepts. Some of the popular programming languages to learn for machine [More]
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Ben Goertzel is a leading world recognised artificial intelligence researcher, thinker, software engineer and serial entrepreneur. Ben is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, the Chairman of OpenCog Foundation, the Chairman of Artificial General Intelligence Society, the Chief Scientist of Mozi Health and Vice Chairman Humanity+ and his work, writing and ideas are influencing the way we perceive AI, technology and blockchain. _____________________________________________ Ben Goertzel Interview focus questions: 1. An introduction from Ben – background, overview, education… 2. The way you look at AI, AGI, open AI? 3. Career highlights? 4. Your companies and focus 5. What is your main focus as a doer? 6. Can you show an example of of open AI 7. You have a focus on open AI and Artificial General Intelligence? Can you elaborate on this? 8. You are a thinker, philosopher and as we look at evolution how do you see Singularity, special when it comes to the 2 visions of humanity the light side and the dark side? 9. What are Ben Goals and focus as a thinker and a doer? 10. With Covid-19 how can you look at this as a way to redesign our society 11. As a science fiction reader, writer and enthusiastic what is your vision of the Future you would like to create? _____________________________________________ Ben Goertzel Bio: Ben Goertzel is a leading world recognised authority in artificial intelligence research, inventor and serial entrepreneur. Ben is a deep thinker and also a man of action as the founder and [More]
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This video on “How to become a Artificial Intelligence Engineer” will explain the skills that one should master to become successful in his Artificial Intelligence career. This video will also explain about the job opportunities in AI industry along with the Artificial Intelligence course offered by Simplilearn and how one can get benefited from these courses. Artificial Intelligence industry is growing at a rapid speed. we can’t even imagine what will develop, but we do know we already have a shortage of trained AI and machine learning professionals, and that gap will only grow until we get people trained and placed in the millions of AI jobs. If you want to be one of those professionals, get certified, because the sooner you get your training started, the sooner you will be working in this exciting and rapidly changing field. Now let us get started and understand the steps to become an AI engineer. We will be talking about the below topics in this video: 1. What is Artificial Intelligence 2. Who is an Artificial Intelligence engineer 3. Responsibilities of an AI engineer 4. Skills to become an AI engineer – Programming skills – Liner algebra, probability and statistics – Knowledge on Spark and Big Data technologies – Algorithms and frameworks – Communication and problem solving skills 5. AI engineer’s salary 6. Career and roles in Artificial Intelligence 7. Simplilearn AI engineer course To learn more about Artificial Intelligence, subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Simplilearn?sub_confirmation=1 Download the Artificial Intelligence Career Guide [More]
When we train AI systems using human data, the result can be human biased. Attend the webinar to know more. A must attend webinar for software test engineers who want to learn about AI and software testing. Webinar Date: 25 Feb 2019, 11am Pacific Time ****** URL: https://sqaweb.link/webinar678 ****** We would like to think that AI-based machine learning systems always produce the right answer within their problem domain. In reality, their performance is a direct result of the data used to train them. The answers in production are only as good as that training data. Data collected by a human such as surveys, observations, or estimates, can have built-in human biases. Even objective measurements can be measuring the wrong things or can be missing essential information about the problem domain. The effects of biased data can be even more deceptive. AI systems often function as black boxes, which means technologists are unaware of how an AI came to its conclusion. This can make it particularly hard to identify any inequality, bias, or discrimination feeding into a particular decision. This webinar will explain: 1.How AI systems can suffer from the same biases as human experts 2.How that could lead to biased results 3.Examine how testers, data scientists, and other stakeholders can develop test cases to recognise biases, both in data and the resulting system 4.Ways to address those biases Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of: 1.How data influences 2.How machine learning systems make decisions 3.How selecting the wrong data, or [More]
Artificial Intelligence and unomputable skills of human. Summary: With the evolving transformation of artificial intelligence (AI), it has become a mainstream technology in recent years, Artificial intelligence is helping humans in plenty of unexpected ways like diagnosing diseases, providing customer service. There have been reasonable fears in the communities that with the evolution of AI, ultimately the human workers will be replaced by machines. However, this is not the most likely outcome nor is this the inevitable that the human race should fear. The aim of my research is to highlight human uncomputable skills and highlight how human can co-work with artificial intelligence utilizing these human uncomputable skills. To collaborate and co-work with artificial intelligence/machines/Robots interaction in real time is must, The video will explain the method of ‘Interaction of Human and Artificial Intelligence (H-AI)’, explaining a ‘Model of Collaboration between Human & Artificial Intelligence (H-AI)’ and finally concluding a hypothesis that translates the possibility of such collaboration and the skills required to achieve this glory. In the end part of my video I am going to present a case study which I have analyzed working in my company. Artificial Intelligence: The range of system and technologies that can sense comprehend, act and learn. Human Uncomputable Skills: Those abilities which are not translatable into an AI algorithm. These skills are based on awareness and also on the ability to relate beings endowed with awareness. Evidently, there are three uncomputable skills identified in humans. These are: -The cognitive agility -Creativity -Social [More]