My first business was a martial gym, it was a great business. I didn’t want a job but I had to pay for grad school so I turned my sport into my livelihood. The problem with my gym business was that I lived in a small town. I couldn’t operate a high traffic low conversion business. I’d be out on the street in no time if I went that route. I had to work with a low traffic high conversion model and get the most closes from a small amount of lead flow. That’s what eventually turned my on to automation architecture. Come on over to where you can get the step by step process and action steps. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and get the #1 tactics of the world’s top experts and proven entrepreneurs delivered straight to your inbox at And if you’re interested in more exclusive interviews, check out our YouTube playlist on that exact topic here: Thanks for watching! JOIN ME! EHQ Daily:
CEO / founder at TechEmergence – Dan Faggella The easiest way to segment your list. How to compel people to buy now rather than later… without having to bake in false urgency. THIS will harm your open rates and dump the trust of your subscribers. (And can turn your emails into spam.) Why it’s time to get over your resistance and email more often. 5 ingredients of an irresistible Welcome email that make your subscribers “addicted” to you. Thanks so much for watching! In this episode of the Bootstrapped Web podcast, Dan Faggella — the man — when it comes to email marketing automation, was kind enough to take us behind the scenes of his actual business, showing us his email marketing sequence he uses to sell info products and courses on his site, (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques). He shows me his Infusionsoft dashboard where we can see his campaign builder and the actual emails he sends to prospects, as they progress through his sales funnel. For the full show notes, and all previous episodes, visit
Microsoft’s opened a new Cyber Defense Operations Center, to track all the security things. The FCC says that thing about banning Open Source router operatings systems? It didn’t mean what we thought it meant. A new study says Email is more secure than in 2013. And, hey, the Internet of Things? Totally gonna be the worst security problem ever. Woot! Support us here: Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center FCC Not Banning Open Source Router OSs.. Yet! Email Is More Secure… MetroPCS Security Fail: Docker & CoreOS Security Fail: The Lingering Mess From Default Insecurity: Crew members monitor radar screens in the combat information center aboard the guided missile cruiser USS VINCENNES (CG-49). by US Navy Camera Operator: TIM MASTERSON -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-