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CNBC’s Jim Cramer talked about the four major innovations and the companies that justify tech’s dominance on Wall Street. Sign up and learn more about the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer CNBC’s Jim Cramer bought “Mad Money” back to San Francisco for the first time in two years and talked about the four major innovations and the companies that justify tech as a leader in the stock market. 1. ‘Using artificial intelligence to replace humans’ Cramer said the first innovation that’s driving value is “how businesses are using artificial intelligence to replace humans, especially because workers are so hard to find now that we’re living through the Great Resignation” in the time of Covid. He pointed out that a record-high 4.43 million people quit their jobs in September. “When you think of artificial intelligence, you have to start with Nvidia. Everybody views this one as a semiconductor company, but it’s really platform for machine learning,” Cramer said. “Then there’s conversational artificial intelligence that lets computers come across like actual people. That’s Five9, the call center software play.” 2. ‘The metaverse’ Cramer said that most people think of Facebook changing its name to Meta Platforms when they think about the metaverse. However, the “Mad Money” host offered other names such as Unity Software, which makes the tools needed to develop video games and metaverse experiences. “Who gets to the metaverse first? My money’s on Roblox, the popular online gaming platform that makes it easy for users to create their own [More]
Microsoft and Schneider Electric launch AI Factory for Green Energy: to accelerate start-ups transforming the energy sector in Europe with Artificial Intelligence. Find out more about the 6 selected startups ! More info : Interviews of : – Lora Anis-Hanna, Microsoft – François Bonnard, Schneider Electric – Clodéric Mars, Craft ai – Pierre Trémolière, Accenta – Jordi Cusido, Smartive – Morgane Barthod, Meteo Swift – Matthieu Peterschmitt, Eco-Adapt – Patrick Leguillette, Beebryte
Panellists: • Professor Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, UNSW Sydney and Data61 • Kathy Baxter, User Research Architect, Salesforce • Jake Lucchi, Head of Content and AI, Public Policy and Government Relations, Google Asia Pacific We held a major international conference on human rights and technology on 24 July 2018 in Sydney. The conference explored the human rights implications of unprecedented technological change, and launched a major Australian Human Rights Commission project led by Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow. For more on the conference, see
Today Bill Gates gave an interview to Bloomberg and among other things talked about Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying he built great electric cars with quality and compared him to Steve Jobs per reporter’s request. It was only three days ago that Elon Musk answering a Tweeter question about Bill Gate’s blog – in which he talked about electric cars without mentioning Tesla and suggested that Tesla Semi will not work (again without mentioning it by name) said, “He has no clue.” Now Bill Gates talked about Elon Musk and spoke more gracefully. It’s laudable and credible. “The fact that Elon Musk and others did a great electric car is a huge contribution to the climate change effort. He did it with quality. It’s still a little premium-priced, but he’s got that initial market, and that market’s going to grow, and other car companies, seeing his success, will come in. The question of what’s the profit per car and what’s the market share of Tesla, that’s for stock people. That’s not a climate change issue at all. The difficulty on the other areas is much higher. I’m not trivializing in any way the need to raise the market share of EVs, but on a relative basis, that’s far easier than the industrial economy, where our progress is very small. We are grossly underinvested in these hard areas,” Gates said to Erik Schatzker for Bloomberg Green. Bloomberg’s reporter also asked if Elon Musk is the new Steve Jobs. To that question, [More]