Artificial Intelligence is already being used to help learners learn a broad range of subjects. It is also being used to inform the teaching process and related decisions such as what aspects a learner can develop well via technology, and which areas are still best left to a human teacher to address. In this panel discussion we will share insights from recent developments in the field of AI and how they relate to learning and teaching, with particular focus on the learning and teaching of languages.
College and cybersecurity. Was it worth the time and money? Yes. ⏰ Timestamps 0:00 – Introduction 0:29 – Gen-Ed Classes Overview 1:12 – Major Classes Overview 2:24 – Your Degree’s Value 3:17 – My Regret 4:32 – GPA Doesn’t Matter (it’s your portfolio) 5:27 – Was it worth it? 6:03 – Entry-level security careers are hard 6:58 – My final thought 🔗 Links Mentioned: Southeast Missouri State University Cybersecurity: Collegiate Cyber Defense Club: Cybersecurity University Education – One Significant Problem: 🐕 Follow Me: Twitter: Instagram: Cybercademy Discord Server: 🤔 Have questions, concerns, comments?: Email me: 🎧 Gear: Laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook 6th Gen):​​​​​ Monitors (Dell D Series 31.5” D3218HN):​​​​​ Keyboard (Velocifire VM01):​​​​​ Headphones (Audio Technica ATH-M40x):​​​​​ Standing Desk (FlexiSpot Height Adjustable 47 inch):
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Moderated by David Bueno i Torrens Development work can take on various approaches. For Mmantsetsa Marope, it’s all about strengthening #HumanCapital through #education and #training. Mmantsetsa Marope is the Executive Director of the World Heritage Group and Honorary President of the Indian Ocean Comparative and International Education Society. Her professional career includes 11 years university professorship, ten years at the World Bank and ten years in the United Nations – including her role as Director of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (2014 – 2020). As global leader, she works to transform learning systems towards innovative self-renewal, quality, impact and equity, inclusion, justice and fulfilment for all. 26/11/20 LIVESTREAM in English The #talks of “Fixing the future – Education edition” are exploring the #future of #education with 7 of the world’s most inspiring experts. For more information please visit Livestream en Català: This event is organized by Atlas of the Future, with the support of SOM *, Abacus Cooperativa and Generalitat de Catalunya. CONNECT WITH ATLAS OF THE FUTURE: Web: AtlasNews: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #education #educationsystem #onlineevent #inspirationaltalk #StefaniaGiannini #children #school #talkseries #fixingthefuture #futureofeducation #futureschool #school #futureofschool #futureeducation #teachers #teacher #inspiration #educationalsystem #FutureHero #AtlasoftheFuture #teachingideas #unesco
Join our facilitator, Australian journalist, author, and radio and television presenter, Virginia Trioli, along with our panel of internationally acclaimed researchers who have casted a critical eye on the increasing attention being paid to AI-driven applications and systems in education. This event is a collaboration between Monash Education and Monash Data Futures Institute: For other Monash Education video recordings please check out our YouTube channel: And for future events go to Monash Education events web page (most of these are available online):
In this short Sadhguru explains How Artificial Intelligence will change our Education Systems in the future. Watch this beautiful conversation between Sadhguru and Yalda Hakim. #sadhguru #sadhgurushorts Being Enlightened Does not own any rights to these videos. The videos are used with the right intent to propagate the message. Being Enlightened is an expression of gratitude for Sadhguru and Isha Foundation FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) 2)This video is also for teaching purposes. 3)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary. If you liked our videos, please subscribe. Thanks. #beingenlightened
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Artificial Intelligence is a step that is creating waves in technology. Al is going to influence Schools and Universities to shape the future. The learning of AI would be more interactive with all the benefits. Students can learn new things and interact with new learning ecosystems. Subscribe Now: ————————————————————————– TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Future of Education 00:35 AI in Classroom 01:12 With AI learning would be more interactive 03:42 Parent can check their child progress at anytime 04:55 AI is the Future of Education Here are more SST (Space, Science, and Technology) Documentaries 1. A Hidden Gem – NIKOLA TESLA | Infomance : 2. Origin of Engineering – Infomance: 3. An ‘Infinity’ Indian : S. RAMANUJAN – Infomance: 4. Mars – We are Coming to | Perseverance Landed on Mars – Infomance: 5. An Athiest Warrior: STEPHEN HAWKING – Infomance: 6. Revolution of Cryptocurrency – Infomance | Cryptocurrency Documentary – What is Cryptocurrency? : ————————————————————————– Follow us on : Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn – Visit Our Site: ————————————————————————– HASHTAGS: #artificialintelligence #aieducation #educationfuture #technology #ecosystem #virtualassistants #advancetechnology #infomance #aiclassrooms DISCLAIMER: All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, [More]
A Panel discussion with the American Community School of Athens & Montclare Children’s School about the Future of Education during Ideagen’s Cloud, AI, and Innovation Summit Series 2021. #Ideagen #GI21 #Cloud #Innovation #AI Panelists: – Dr. Peggy Pelonis, ACS Athens President – Sophia Moros, Elementary School Principal at ACS Athens – Spyros Arsenikos, ACS Faculty – Vassilis Krassas, ACS Athens Student – Dimitrios Skikos, High School Student (10th Grade) – Cathy Makropoulos, Director of Montclare Children’s School Ideagen’s Cloud, AI, and Innovation Summit Series 2021! Our mission at this summit is to focus on global sustainability through the lens of Cloud technologies, AI, and Innovation. In order to achieve the UN Global goals innovation is essential to develop and harness technology for global good. ACS Athens: Montclare Children’s school: Ideagen Global:
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The video provides examples of how AI is used in higher education. It summarizes an article entitled “Successful AI Examples in Higher Education That Can Inspire Our Future.” A link to the article and other content mentioned in the video is provided below. “Successful AI Examples in Higher Education That Can Inspire Our Future.” “A teaching assistant named Jill Watson – Ashok Goel – TEDx San Francisco” “Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/IBM Mandarin Project” Video Music:
Be exposed to advances in, and debates around, AI, including future focused talks that showcase broad developments in AI and related technologies. Our MC, Fauziah Ibrahim will introduce the symposium, followed by welcome to country with Sebastian Kelly-Toiava. The Secretary of NSW Department of Education, Mark Scott will open the event, before a series of Future Visions talks by leading experts Fang Chen, Peter Corke and Genevieve Bell. Join the conversation on Twitter by following @education2040 and using the hashtag #futurefrontiers. Special thanks to our principal partners Adobe, CBA, Deloitte and Hicksons Lawyers for their strong support. Find out more about our partners, speakers and the program at
The slides for this presentation are available here: The first in The Turing Lecture mini-series exploring the role of AI and data science in our lives post-lockdown. COVID-19 has precipitated a major experiment for the UK’s education system that may change the way we teach and learn forever, but what role can and should AI play in this transformation? Professor Luckin will discuss the current stage of AI’s application in education and the ways in which AI has supported teachers and learners during the pandemic. Professor Luckin will also look towards the future and consider how AI could be used to support a COVID-compliant transformation for our education system – a transformation that seeks to enable all learners to achieve their full potential. Throughout the lecture examples from different AI systems will be presented to illustrate what is happening in the present and what could happen in the future. We will also hear recommendations as to how our education system can become ‘AI ready.’ — Rose Luckin is Professor of Learner Centred Design at the UCL Knowledge Lab in London. Her research involves the design and evaluation of educational technology using theories from the learning sciences and techniques from artificial intelligence (AI). She has a particular interest in using AI to open up the ‘black box’ of learning to show teachers and students the detail of their progress intellectually, emotionally and socially. Rose is also Director of EDUCATE, a London hub for educational technology startups, researchers and educators to [More]
Power of AI is the initiative by the ‘Society of AI’ to let people aware of Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact their lives in the future. The native language spoken in the series is Hindi. AI has a different role to play in the field of education. It helps us improve the current education system. The video shows how AI has affected the education sector, here, you will learn: 1) How AI has helped overcome the loopholes of the offline or traditional education system 2) Smart way of Learning with adaptive learning 3) Gadgets generating interest of students 4) Automatic Grading system in Education 5) Smart Campuses using face detection and Robots 6) How AI is assistance to faculty members #edtech #teachers #education #ai #app #embibe #aleks #alo7 #duolingo #aiineducation #aiineducationbenefits #aineducationlearning #learningai #aiineducationadvantages #advantagesofai #aimerits #edutech #aiineducationlessons #aiineducationvideos #growthofaiineducation #aivideos #needofaiineducation #ai #examplesofaiineducation #aifacts #aisessions #ailectures #ainotes #roleofaiineducation #useofaiineducation Subscribe to us for more such videos. Website: LinkedIn:… Facebook: Twitter: #artificialintelligence#powerofai#societyofai
This lecture considers the current reality of Artificial Intelligence in education and its transformative potential. What do we mean by the term ‘AI’? A lecture by Professor Rose Luckin, University College London 09 April 2019 6pm (UK time) This lecture will consider the current reality of AI in education and its transformative potential. Professor Luckin will introduce what we mean by the term AI and how the development of increasingly smart technologies in the workplace and home requires us to change how and what we teach and learn. It will be explained how AI is already supporting the teaching and learning process, with speculation about the possible futures that AI might provide in order to help us tackle our greatest educational challenges.
In this video I discuss the role of artificial intelligence in education and explore the roles of teachers and intelligent machine to make learning a better experience for everyone. If you would like more information on this topic, please feel free to visit my website and sign up for content updates! I write articles every week on various different topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Visit the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning topic page here: Thanks for watching!
What do the classrooms of the future look like? Aditi Avasthi takes us on a brief tour of how AI is can help identify traits in a student that a traditional student-teacher pair cannot, and provide tailor-made education. Aditi Avasthi is the Founder and CEO at which is an exciting artificial intelligence platform that is personalising the delivery of education to students in emerging markets with a deep stack on content intelligence using computer vision and machine learning. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
We have entered the age of AI. The stuff of science fiction is reality. What is real and what’s hype in the AI space? This panel will explore the implications and developments in AI, and what is the likelihood it will change higher education. Come learn from these AI experts what’s real and working in AI, and what’s just on the horizon. Moderator: Amy Klement Panelist: Sherry Coutu Panelist: Anthony Salcito Panelist: Bethanie Maples Panelist: Kurt VanLehn ——— Subscribe to Global Silicon Valley to view more ASU+GSV Summit content: Register for the ASU+GSV 2021 Summit:
Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles Rebecca Winthrop, co-director of the Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution, and Emilia Ahvenjärvi, Science and Education Attaché at the Embassy of Finland in Buenos Aires talk about risks and opportunities in education. enlightED is the great world conference on education, innovation and technology, which dedicated its third edition to reflecting, with the help of international experts, on the challenges that the Covid-19 has posed to learning and work, and to proposing solutions. Organised by Fundación Telefónica, IE University, Fundación Santillana and South Summit. Find out more at:
Panel at France is AI 2017: Education: Training future AI experts With: Nicolas Vayatis (CMLA) Sébastien Provencher (ElementAI) Natalie Cernecka (OpenClassrooms) Steve Kuyan (NYU Future Labs) Moderated by: Julie Josse (Polytechnique) Video credit: VLAM
Talk @ FDDAY2017 with : – Laurent Alexandre, CEO, DNAVision SA, Doctissimo – Cédric Villani, Deputy of Essonne, French National Assembly – Bruno Teboul, Senior Vice President Science & Innovation, Keyrus – Marie Ekeland, Co-founder, Daphni