A great panel with top investors from Lux Capital (Shahin Farshchi), Comet Labs (Adam Kell), Bloomberg Beta (James Cham) and Data Collective (Jean Xin) moderated by Kevin Rooney of Cooley – an engaging panel discussion about the ins and outs of early-stage investing in the AI and robotics space.
Synthetic Intelligence Forum is excited to convene a session about valuing early-stage AI ventures and startups with a Partner at Wing VC (Jake Flomenberg). About Wing VC: The Modern Enterprise is an agile workplace built on data and powered by AI. Wing leads Seed and Series A financings in transformative enterprise technology companies. Early decisions have profound impact on a venture’s long-term trajectory, yet must be made amidst massive uncertainty. The Partners of Wing have deep experience successfully navigating these pivotal early phases, and thrive on helping to build value long before its obvious. Wing partners have worked closely with over twenty-two enterprise technology companies that have gone public or realized billion-dollar outcomes. These include 20 IPOs and 2 $1B+ acquisitions to date — with more on the way. Biography: Jake Flomenberg is a Partner at Wing and focuses on AI/ML, next-generation infrastructure, SaaS, and security investments. He currently holds 7 board seats for AI or SaaS related companies and is always looking for new ways that data and AI can impact the real world. Jake was a partner at Accel until 2018 where he was the lead investor and board member in companies including Demisto, Radar, Sumo Logic and actively involved with Trifacta. Prior to Accel, Jake held product leadership roles at Splunk and Cloudera and was a member of Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Leadership Development Program. Jake graduated from Duke University with a triple major in Electrical Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics. He has a Masters in Engineering [More]
Pamela McCorduck is an author who has written on the history and philosophical significance of artificial intelligence, the future of engineering, and the role of women and technology. Her books include Machines Who Think in 1979, The Fifth Generation in 1983 with Ed Feigenbaum who is considered to be the father of expert systems, the Edge of Chaos, The Futures of Women, and more. Through her literary work, she has spent a lot of time with the seminal figures of artificial intelligence, includes the founding fathers of AI from the 1956 Dartmouth summer workshop where the field was launched. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. INFO: Podcast website: https://lexfridman.com/ai YouTube Playlist: http://bit.ly/2EcbaKf EPISODE LINKS: Machine Who Think book: https://amzn.to/2ZoyWgs Edge of Chaos book: https://amzn.to/2ZeYXni Pamela wikipedia page: http://bit.ly/2ZoTNjQ OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 1:51 – Machines Who Think 4:17 – Founding fathers of AI 6:45 – Early days and the possibilities of AI 14:23 – Roots of how we think about AI 18:59 – McCarthy and Frankenstein 23:30 – AI in the context of broader CS community 29:46 – AI winter 37:09 – Santa Fe Institute and complexity 44:58 – Timeline of AI 46:51 – AI assistants and personal robotics 52:05 – Existential threats and the male gaze CONNECT: – Subscribe to this YouTube channel – Twitter: https://twitter.com/lexfridman – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lexfridman – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lexfridman – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexfridman – Medium: https://medium.com/@lexfridman – Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lexfridman