HumaneAI Interviews Series Follow us @ai_humane View the complete series: Speaker: Juan Durán, TU Delft License: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 More information at More talks at What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI? Well. Okay. I guess everyone would have a different idea of what it is, right, and I’m a philosopher and most people here are computer scientists, so probably our ideas are going to be very different. My idea of Human AI is something like being able to still introduce AI in our life in such a way that we remain somehow human and not because AI is going to replace us in some way, but rather that introduce AI to help us as humans to become better humans, to help others to find more free time for being without kids or for finding better ways to have work as oppose to replacing us in exactly those same domains. What would be your blue sky project in AI for Europe? I think that we need to, okay, again, from the point of view of humanity as I would put out, if I had unlimited resources, I would bring a lot of philosophers, sociologists and historians and all these people that try to think from a different angles and try to understand how, you know, AI works and why and where are we heading towards and what can we say about past technologies and how it affect our lives and what not, so [More]