Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Situation in Ukraine, the position of NATO, and the Status of the Donbass 21 February 2022 Complete speech in Russian with English subtitles. This is a fixed and updated version of a video I posted a few days ago that viewers rightly noted had problems with the subtitles as many sentences were cut off at the end — I tried making a few post-production edits on YouTube, but it proved to be too burdensome, and I thought it would be better to re-upload a clean copy for those interested. Again, this is the same video uploaded on February 23, but with all subtitles included. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented. These videos are transliterated by me as full and uncut, and without commentary. Many have also noted that Putin’s addresses are only given small snippets in Western media. Here, I offer the whole address for the viewer to decide. Finally, a few comments have asked where their posts are. YouTube automatically flags comments that might be considered spam or inappropriate.This means I have to go in and manually approve a number of your comments. Unless the comment is particularly offensive and hateful on either side. I will approve all posts for viewers to interact with.