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Artificial Intelligence It is difficult to overstate the likely impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the way we live and learn in the future, and the way we carry out our roles as L&D professionals. If you’re freaked out by Amazon guessing what you’ll read next you ain’t seen nothing yet. From algorithms to networked knowledge, this session lays bare how AI will transform our lives – and where it already has. Chair: Niall Gavin, L&D Consultant Artificial Intelligence: no, we’re not all going to die Toby Simpson, CTO, Ososim AI : transforming how people learn at work, and the L&D function Donald Clark, Board member, Ufi We are only just beginning to see and practically explore and build new forms of artificial, machine-based, collective intelligence. The impact: teaching and learning performed by machines at speed and on a massive scale. This is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. We, as humans, are now part of a network of human teachers, human learners, AI teachers, AI learners, networked knowledge, and networked skills. The world has suddenly become a lot more complex. How will work, learning and the role of the L&D function change? – The future of the workforce as AI becomes mainstream – The role of networks – human and artificial – The human in the machine: building biological decision making into AI – The human thinking most susceptible to AI, and what least – The impact, advantages and disadvantages of AI for L&D