Advocates for AI defend it as manageable and say the risks are marginal, and the rewards life-improving, by empowering more people with instant information. But critics warn about transparency gaps and power disparities, including a slippery slope into a digital apocalypse where superintelligent machines surpass humans’ ability to control them. Watch as four experts weigh in on the future of AI. ►► Subscribe & join the conversation: ►► Subscribe to Course Correction: Don’t Settle for a Divided World. Think. Debate. Act. Let’s find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. 00:00 – Artificial Intelligence 00:53 – Opening Remarks 05:25 – Speaker Intros 06:31 – Muthoni Wanyoike 14:37 – Dex Torricke-Barton 24:35 – Nick Bostrom 33:22 – Joy Buolamwini 47:11 – Govina Clayton (Connector) 52:46 – Majlis 1:10:21 – Voting Results 1:11:05 – Audience Questions Doha Debates examines the world’s most pressing challenges through live debates, digital videos, a TV series, blogs and podcasts. This innovative approach includes Majlis-style conversations designed to bridge differences, build consensus and identify solutions to urgent global issues. ►► Follow us on Facebook: ►► Follow us on Twitter: