Imagine a teacher that can deliver completely personalized lessons to an entire classroom of students. Simultaneously. That’s one vision for the use of artificial intelligence systems in education. But it’s not all there yet, and potentially represents a long list of trade-offs as well. In this video we’ll look at the state of AI technologies in education and explore some of the opportunities and challenges it represents. You can read more about Entefy’s analysis of AI in education on the Insights section of our blog at Subscribe to Entefy’s YouTube channel for more videos! Follow Entefy on your favorite platform: ABOUT ENTEFY Entefy is building the first universal communicator—a smart platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you seamlessly interact with the people, services, and smart things in your life—all from a single application that runs beautifully on all your favorite devices. Our core technology combines digital communication with advanced computer vision and natural language processing to create a lightning fast and secure digital experience for people everywhere.