IBM’s deep blue project can only play chess, an autonomous car can only drive a car, an AI checkers program can only play checkers. A universal artificial intelligence is one software program that can do any human task. It can drive a car, play chess, play any video game, cook in a restaurant, clean a house, fly a plane, write software programs, etc. So far I have made videos on playing chess, playing video games, driving a car, and doing math equations. I stated in my books/patent apps/website, that my robot can do any human task. This video shows the robot playing tetris. In the video I show how the robot thinks while he’s playing the game. Tetris is a puzzle game that require the player to stack up blocks to form stacked rows. Humans learn how to stack up blocks and solve puzzles starting from a very young age. Stacking blocks so the pieces fit are lessons learned in Kindergarten and in grade school. When the robot is playing tetris, he has to tap into knowledge about block stacking or puzzle stacking. He has to know that this shape fits into that shape. In addition to knowledge about piecing together puzzles, the robot has to have strategies to play the game. He has to have objectives, and recursive objectives and so forth. These objectives and strategies are discovered through either trial and error or from instruction manuals. The robot can read strategies from a video game magazine or he [More]
Looking for a quick way to use technology to help you ensure that your products are being displayed accurately at customer sites? Image recognition compares your predefined planogram with your pictures of the actual shelf display and calls out any suggestions for changes. Visit my website to understand how this technology works. Numerous copyrights and patents were filed on this technology starting from 2006. The reason my Artificial Intelligence software has achieved Human Level Artificial Intelligence or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is becuase: 1. it can do recursive tasks. 2. it can do hierarchical tasks (complex). 3. it can generate common sense knowledge. 4. it can navigate in an unknown environment. 5. it can play videogames it wasn’t trained with. 6. it can play new videogames. 7. it can understand natural language. 8. etc, etc. etc. In the video the robot’s thoughts and actions are displayed for the viewers. You can see what is going through the robot’s brain as it plays the videogame. tags: human level artificial intelligence, ai, artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, true ai, strong ai, human level ai, cognitive science, ai plays video game, robot plays video game, agi, digital human brain, human intelligence, human brain, human mind, human thought, ai plays role playing games, ai play rpg.