Greetings to our show “Cryptocurrency Not For Dummies”, hosted by anonymous crypto experts Mr. Etherman and Dr. Smartcontract. In this episode, the crypto duo will discuss P2P, P2P trading and risks of P2P platforms. Find out what is P2P and how P2P cryptocurrency trading actually works together with Gagarin News. On the Gagarin News YouTube channel you will uncover everything related to the world of crypto: what is cryptocurrency, how to buy crypto, bitcoin (btc), what is P2P crypto (peer to peer, P2P crypto exchange), bitcoin mining, what is p2p lending, p2p lending risk, p2p lending platform, security crypto exchanges, ethereum (eth), altcoin, blockchain and much more. GAGARIN NEWS is a global crypto news portal about the realm of crypto. Created by the masterminds behind the world’s first entertainment show about cryptocurrency news Gagarin Show, the online media aims to popularize the new era of blockchain technology that is irreversibly transforming the world as we know it. Gagarin News gives you access to information about the latest news, events, analytics, opinions, videos, interviews and much more from the world of crypto. The Gagarin News YouTube channel will provide educational and informational videos about everything related to the world of crypto. We hope our video about P2P lending (peer to peer lending), P2P loans, and P2P investing will be of use to you. As the project evolves, new shows and videos will be added. As already mentioned, the cryptocurrency news media online “Gagarin News” is a new project brought to you [More]