On 22 May 2015, the Royal Society launched a new series of high-level conferences on major scientific and technical challenges of the next decade. ‘Breakthrough Science and Technologies: Transforming our Future’ conferences feature cutting-edge science from industry and academia and bring together leading experts from the wider scientific community, industry, government, funding bodies and charities. The first conference was on the topic of machine learning and was organised by Dr Hermann Hauser KBE FREng FRS and Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock. This video session features: – Professor Steve Furber CBE FREng FRS, “Building Brains” (00:00) – Dr Demis Hassabis, “General learning algorithms” (1:25:55) – Simon Knowles, “Machines for intelligence” (28:58) – Professor Simon Benjamin, “Machine learning as a near-future applications of emerging quantum technologies” (56:05) Read more about the conference on the Royal Society website: https://royalsociety.org/events/2015/05/breakthrough-science-technologies-machine-learning/