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So you’ve built / found the perfect Deep Learning model, now how do you put that into production and maintain it? This talk is all about Machine Learning Software Engineering (MLEng) on the Cloud using Java technologies. In particular we will cover : – Machine Learning Quick Primer (Code & Concepts) using TensorFlow for Java, Tribuo, DJL and PyTorch for Java – Use Case Deep Dive : Learn how to take pre-trained ML model and deploy it using micro-services architecture (Micronaut framework) on the Cloud The talk will be hands on with a mix of presentation and live coding. All the code will be available on GitHub after the presentation.
The renowned Berlin painter Roman Lipski has been working for two years with his Artificial Muse A.I.R., which inspires and augments him in his artistic work and pushes him to new frontiers. Now we present the latest generation of the muse, that is based on generative networks and allows for an intuitive and fluid interaction between artist and algorithm. Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks at its core, cGANs for short, A.I.R. translates sketches directly into new inspirations, facets and images. While the algorithm itself is mathematically complex and not easily accessible to human understanding, Lipski’s new approach to the muse exemplifies how curious discovery and experimentation can lead to intuitive understanding and ultimately trust, in a new generation of tools, in artificial intelligence per se. Explainability by interaction, trust by time. In our talk we will take a deep dive into the technical layer and share the learnings we made at “the inbetweens” of Roman and his Artificial Muse, of human and artificial intelligence. And this is just the beginning… Florian Dohmann, CEO, Birds on Mars Roman Lipski, Artist, Atelier Lipski
Discussion points: – AI & the Value Loading problem – Improving the discourse around AI – Where have human ethics come from? – Human constraints don’t apply to artificial intelligecnce – An artificial intelligence could change it’s preferences Joscha Bach, Ph.D. is an AI researcher who worked and published about cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, and multi-agent systems. He earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and has built computational models of motivated decision making, perception, categorization, and concept-formation. He is especially interested in the philosophy of AI and in the augmentation of the human mind. Joscha has taught computer science, AI, and cognitive science at the Humboldt-University of Berlin and the Institute for Cognitive Science at Osnabrück. His book “Principles of Synthetic Intelligence” (Oxford University Press) is available on amazon now: Many thanks for watching! Consider supporting SciFuture by: a) Subscribing to the SciFuture YouTube channel: b) Donating – Bitcoin: 1BxusYmpynJsH4i8681aBuw9ZTxbKoUi22 – Etherium: 0xd46a6e88c4fe179d04464caf42626d0c9cab1c6b – Patreon: c) Sharing the media SciFuture creates: Kind regards, Adam Ford – Science, Technology & the Future
TOP 4 companies that are Developing Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) IBM Watson Vicarious Elon musk Ashton kucher JEFF Bezos Dileep George Scott Phoenix are the founders Google’s deep mind demis hassabis Apple’s Siri Technology Trends That Will Change The World Driverless cars Free inter worldwide with satelites and baloons with google Facebook Qualcomm Elon musk Richard Branson Ubiquitous solar Nano technology nano computing Ubiquitous computing Drones Internet of things 50 billion devices connected by 2020 Human genome genomics 3D printers Exo skeletons All these trends will disrupt many industries along the way. All industries where the products is DEMATERIALIZED in bits zeros and ones becomes quickly demonetized. ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC BY TADROS BROTHERS Or Or Tadros Brother on You tube Don’t Forget to subscribe for awesome music. 😉 Tweets by Tadros_Brothers Music By Tadros Brothers: Buy Facebook: Twitter: Original Djembe Video:
Artificial Intelligence can be used to solve many problems faced by the developing world like water leakage or power wastage. Using Internet of Things, we can deploy sensors that can continuously monitor critical infrastructure. The data obtained from these sensors can then be used in a smart way to take real-time actions. Joshi is the founder and CEO of Pluto AI, a Silicon Valley startup building an analytics platform for water management powered by Deep Learning. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at