Network Security | Defense in Depth There are many aspects to the security of a system, but the Defence in Depth strategy guides them all. There is no one thing that provides full security for a system. All too often people think they’re secure, as they have a firewall. Unfortunately that’s not true. Firewalls are important, but they’re not where security begins and ends. Cyber Security needs to be layered. Consider an example of a virus being sent through email. Will the firewall pick it up? Possibly not. We rely on email security systems, and antivirus software on the workstations. If one part of this fails, there’s still another part to rely on. Also see: Patreon information: Overview of this video: 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Definition 2:23 Layers of Security LET’S CONNECT 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 #NetworkDirection
NITI Aayog has joined hands with Google to promote the growth of artificial intelligence and a machine learning ecosystem in India. Google has been tasked with training and incubating Indian Artificial Intelligence startups. But, what is Artificial Intelligence? It’s been a fascinating concept of science for decades. But only now have scientists been able to develop computer systems that can perform human-like tasks. These tasks range from speech recognition, translation into different languages, visual perception and even decision making. In today’s edition of In Depth, let’s understand how Artificial Intelligence works, what is its relevance and benefits in our lives and how it will impact our lives in the future. Anchor: Teena Jha