DeepTalk is an interactive series on DeepTech where leaders, experts, and trendsetters in the emerging technology space like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, FinTech, Data Science, Cyber Security, VLSI, IoT, and more share their unique perspectives and knowledge with our vast community of professionals. This interactive series is hosted by Dr. Santanu Paul, Founder and CEO, TalentSprint. The 11th episode of DeepTalk is about how AI is changing the product development landscape. According to Forbes, one in ten enterprises uses one or more AI applications in their products, including chatbots, process optimization, fraud analysis, and more. Companies deploying AI have reported a shortened timeline of their product development process from months to just weeks. In this episode of DeepTalk, Dr. Ashish Mehra, Mentor, Product and GTM at IIT Startups and Investor and Advisor at Tau Ventures, joins us to put a spotlight on the powerful influence of AI in new product development and how it can help companies maintain a competitive advantage.