Composite video from the 2013 Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched in 2017. Technical Director Ian Levy explains how the UK’s active cyber defence programme is working at the WIRED Security conference 2017. The country hasn’t yet seen the most severe cyberattack possible against it but it’s only a matter of time.


Hundreds of cybersecurity professionals, business decision makers and technology influencers met at the second WIRED Security event, at Kings Place, London on September 28 2017. Discover some of the fascinating insights from the speakers here:


WIRED events shine a spotlight on the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who are changing our world for the better. Explore this channel for videos showing on-stage talks, behind-the-scenes action, exclusive interviews and performances from our roster of events. Join us as we uncover the most relevant, up-and-coming trends and meet the people building the future.


WIRED brings you the future as it happens – the people, the trends, the big ideas that will change our lives. An award-winning printed monthly and online publication. WIRED is an agenda-setting magazine offering brain food on a wide range of topics, from science, technology and business to pop-culture and politics.



Stop Clicking! Paul Carugati will provide insights about the current “threat landscape” on the internet and how to stay safe in a dynamic environment.

Paul is a seasoned IT and Information Security leader with over 15 years experience in a Fortune 300 enterprise atmosphere. His vision of innovative, next-generation technology is focused on enabling business operations and growth based on risk management, threat intelligence, and broad security awareness. He is an in-demand speaker who holds many accreditations and industry certifications showcasing his technical and business prowess.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

[March 27., 2013] 고려대학교 사이버국방학과 (Department of Cyber Defence @ CIST, Korea University) 소개 뉴스 (2013)

Texas Congressman Will Hurd joined students and cyber experts in San Antonio for NCCDC, the nation’s premier college cyber competition.

Read more here about the competition:

This video shows the first hour of RIT SPARSA’s ISTS event. In this video, you’ll see the opening salvo to hook systems and install persistence. A little lateral movement and effort to pick up straggler hosts is in this video as well.

The Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security and Cyber Defense by IIT Kanpur, in association with TalentSprint, is designed for current and aspiring professionals who are keen to explore and exploit the latest trends in Cyber Security Technologies. A combination of deep academic rigor and intense practical approach will allow participants to master in-demand skills and build world-class expertise.

Visit to know more about the programme.

French investigators have found no traces of a Russian hacking group in the attack on President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign, in which thousands of emails were leaked, the head of the French government’s cyber security agency told AP.


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

With the new age of silent, stealthy attacks that lie low in networks for weeks and months, legacy approaches like rules and signatures are proving inadequate on their own. New ‘immune system’ technologies based on advanced mathematics and machine learning are being deployed today.
Real-world examples of subtle, unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional controls would be addressed in this session.

Carl Salji
Technical Director
United Kingdom

“A country has been left without electricity and has lost control of its fleet of drones. Hackers are to blame…” Such is the scenario for Locked Shields, a simulation exercise involving 400 of the world’s top computer experts.

Taking place in Estonia and involving around 400 computer experts from 16 nations, the drill was organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence based in Tallinn. Locked Shields is a scenario-based exercise where teams of cyber defence experts have to protect a realistic virtual network.

A team from the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability won first place, with Estonia and Poland taking second and third place respectively.

ATT&CKing the Status Quo: Improving Threat Intel and Cyber Defense with MITRE ATT&CK – Katie Nickels & John Wunder
Breaking Ground
BSidesLV 2018 – Tuscany Hotel – Aug 07, 2018 co-founder Jonas Max Ferris, FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis, Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky and Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith discuss how Hillary Clinton will serve as a keynote speaker at a cyber defense summit.

FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in October 2007 and is the leading business network on television, topping CNBC in Business Day viewers for the second consecutive year. The network is available in more than 80 million homes in all markets across the United States. Owned by FOX, FBN has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London.

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What’s up #SecurityNinjas!

If you’re considering a degree in Cyber Security, please do the research on the program you’re considering.
Often times schools will advertise their awesome Cyber Security Major, and then it turns out to be a waste of time.

Links to well recognized Cyber programs:

Cyber Operations:

Cyber Defense – by state:

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With today’s announcement of our intent to acquire Cyvera, we are turning the page and looking to once again disrupt the security industry. Attackers are absolutely having their way with the endpoint. Traditional signature-only or detection-only defenses are simply ineffective at blocking advanced attacks. Together with Cyvera, we have something to say about that.

The combination of Cyvera, our next-generation firewall, and our next-generation threat cloud represents the most innovative, integrated, and automated enterprise security platform in the market. As we bring this acquisition to a close we look forward to sharing many more details with you. Our two companies have had a longstanding relationship that’s only going to grow as we bring our technologies together to offer the most effective approach to protecting you from the most advanced cyber attacks.

More information:

Press Release:

Rafael brings you the most powerful cyber defense solutions, for IT and OT networks.
For more information on our Cyber Solutions, visit our website:

Two useful disciplines are cyber threat intelligence and active cyber defense. However, there is confusion around both of these areas that leads to a perception of hype and cost instead of vital tools for defenders to use. In the case of threat intelligence, many security companies have offered a range of threat intelligence products and feeds but there is confusion in the community as a whole as to how to maximize the value out threat intelligence. With active defense, there has been an attempt to brand this strategy as a hack-back or otherwise offense based practice whereas the strategy for an active defense has existed long before the word ‘cyber’ and is focused around practices such as incident response. This presentation will examine the current state of cyber threat intelligence and active cyber defense as well as provide strategies for leveraging proven cyber intelligence models within active cyber defense operations

Robert M. Lee (@robertmlee), Author & Instructor, SANS Institute
Robert M. Lee is a SANS Certified Instructor and the course author of SANS ICS515: Active Defense and Incident Response and the co-author of SANS FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence. Robert is also CEO of Dragos Security, a non-resident National Cyber Security Fellow at New America focusing on policy issues relating to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, and a PhD candidate at Kings College London. For his research and focus areas, he was named one of Passcode’s Influencers and awarded EnergySec’s 2015 Cyber Security Professional of the Year. Robert obtained his start in cybersecurity in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a cyber warfare operations officer. He has performed defense, intelligence, and attack missions in various government organizations including the establishment of a first-ofits-kind ICS/SCADA cyber threat intelligence and intrusion analysis mission.

Erick Mandt, Analyst, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
Erick Mandt is a 25-year intelligence professional with broad experience in cyber counterintelligence, signals intelligence, intelligence analysis, and language analysis. He currently works as an analyst for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) open-source intelligence team where he supports a full range of law enforcement and counterintelligence investigations and operations. Erick’s research and analytical interests focus on integrating critical thinking and structured analysis processes into active cyber defense operations. Prior to joining AFOSI, Erick served 20 years as a cryptologic linguist for the U.S. Navy. He is proficient in Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian-Croatian, and Macedonian. Erick has an undergraduate degree in Russian Area Studies from Excelsior College and an MS in Cybersecurity from Utica College.

DFIR Summit Agenda:
DFIR Summit Brochure: .

Rafael Narezzi is a seasoned cybersecurity professional – having worked in a variety of roles, from a cyber-educator to his current role as a cybersecurity advisor and CISO within the UK’s sustainable energy sector.

In this segment of his interview with Echoworx, Rafael explains the importance of providing proactive cyber-education for employees and why an organization needs to steer away from reactive thinking when it comes to security incidents. Rafael also stresses the need to show Board Members at organizations the true value of investing in proactive cybersecurity measures – and the consequences of not doing so.

Echoworx shares your passion for data security. This is no passing fad. Nineteen years ago we created OneWorld, the first smart messaging encryption platform that adapts to any environment. As pioneers who keep on innovating, our product is constantly evolving to solve your challenges.

We live and breathe email encryption. We help protect the way the world communicates.

Check out our website

Art Gilliland, HP

The old school of cyber defense emphasized securing infrastructure and restricting data flows. But data needs to run freely to power our organizations. The new school of cyber defense calls for security that is agile and intelligent. It emphasizes protecting the interactions between our users, our applications and our data. The world has changed, and we must change the way we secure it.

BSides Detroit 13 June 7-8, 2013

Abstract: Evolving threats. Shrinking budgets. More to do. New compliance rules. Where do I start? How do I pick what’s most important? What are my peers doing? How do I get management support? Is security even achievable?The Center for International and Strategic Studies (CSIS) Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense can help you sort through the chaos and be your roadmap to success, whether you are a small shop, a large organization on its way to ISO 27000, or beholden to NIST 800-53. This consensus driven distillation of critical controls, driven by actual, not theoretical threats, draws from the experiences of not only some of the top commercial forensic investigators but many arms of government including the DoD, FBI, NSA, the Department of State, the Department of Energy Nuclear Laboratories, and more.These controls were formerly known as the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.

Speaker: Ken Evans

This animation contains a set of high security measures and controls that can be applied across an organisation in order to improve its cyber defence. The controls (and sub-controls) focus on various technical measures and activities, with the primary goal of helping organisations prioritise their efforts to defend against the current most common and damaging computer and network attacks.

The Cyber Defense Certificate combines both networking and systems administration fundamentals, with a focus on defensive strategies to securing systems. This accelerated program can be completed in 15 months, and all courses may be taken online.
Learn more and register at

Britain’s come forward with a promise of redemption for convicted hackers – the country’s cyber defense unit’s looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its former enemies.


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Artificial Intelligence is the Industrial Revolution of our time. Presented by Orli Gan, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, Threat Prevention at CPX 360.

It is already reshaping our world and is likely to transform practically every facet of our human lives. Learn more here:

Fighting cybercrime is one of its many applications. Are AI technologies the silver bullet that the cyber-defense industry has been looking for? As of today, how mature are these technologies? What should you look for in an AI-based security product? Learn about Check Point’s unique advantages in harnessing AI technologies and how already they are built into our threat prevention technologies to offer superior security throughout.

Microsoft’s opened a new Cyber Defense Operations Center, to track all the security things. The FCC says that thing about banning Open Source router operatings systems? It didn’t mean what we thought it meant. A new study says Email is more secure than in 2013. And, hey, the Internet of Things? Totally gonna be the worst security problem ever. Woot!

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Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center
FCC Not Banning Open Source Router OSs.. Yet!
Email Is More Secure…
MetroPCS Security Fail:
Docker & CoreOS Security Fail:
The Lingering Mess From Default Insecurity:

Crew members monitor radar screens in the combat information center aboard the guided missile cruiser USS VINCENNES (CG-49).
by US Navy Camera Operator: TIM MASTERSON

Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”

Find more from PBS NewsHour at

At U.S. Cyber Command, cyber protection teams defend the Pentagon’s networks from adversaries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, and fight thousands of non-state actors like terrorist groups and professional hackers. Special correspondent Mike Cerre got exclusive access to a new generation of cyber warriors.

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3 hours with our experts, at the heart of the Cyber Defence Centre. Witness how our Cyber Defence Centre detects and answers any kind of cyber security incident, in close relation with our customers. Because ensuring your security is our 24/7 priority.

DeVry University Professor Bob Bunge talks about the Pacific Rim Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and explains how he’s doing his part to train future cyber security warriors.

Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.
Jeff Crume, IBM Keynote
Ponencia en Inglés

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on the company’s growth, the success of the company’s cloud computing technology and how the company is tackling cyber security.

2001 DARPA/SPAWAR movie showing DARPA’s vision of cyber attack and defense. Look for touch screens everywhere (6 years before iPhone came out), Siri, behavior/anomaly analysis, game theory, fish bowling, autonomic defense, traceback, attack back, graceful degradation, joint military-civilian operations, and more.

Here is a video explaining all about Indian Cyber Army.

INDIAN CYBER ARMY is an Association of Ethical Hackers & RESOURCE CENTER for National Police Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders along with Individuals to meet the long term security challenges in the digital arena of the modern world, by bridging the gap between the latest changes and innovations in the cyber space.

The Indian military is all set to get a new body which would tackle cyber warfare. IT would comprise around 1,000 personnel drawn from all three wings of the military.
The Defence Cyber Academy would defend military assets and also use its capabilities to fight proxy cyber warfare.

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Hello Defence Lovers, Defence Gyaan Series ke is episode No. 171 mai humne apko Indian Cyber Army ke baare mai baataya hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

We have compiled data from the Internet to find out all about Indian Cyber Army. Join us as we take a closer look at Indian Military Defence Cyber Academy!

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