Source: Peter J. Scott is a thought leader, author and sought-after keynote speaker. He received a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University and worked for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an employee and contractor for over thirty years. His role at NASA involved helping advance our exploration of the solar system. Over the years, he branched out into writing technical books and training. At the same time, he developed a parallel career in “soft” fields of human development, getting certifications in NeuroLinguistic Programming from founder John Grinder and in coaching from the International Coaching Federation. In 2007 he co-created a convention honoring the centennial of the birth of author Robert Heinlein, attended by over 700 science-fiction fans and aerospace experts, a unique fusion of the visionary with the concrete. Bridging these different worlds positions him to envisage a delicate solution to the existential crises facing humanity. In this episode, we discuss the impending challenges artificial intelligence poses to the survival of humanity. As A.I starts to become more commonly used, many jobs and career options face the risk of being eliminated. Peter, realized that the world his kids will live in will be fundamentally different from the one he was raised in. Therefore, he decided to create a framework and philosophy to help them navigate the future He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters, writing the Human Cusp blog on dealing with exponential change. ResourcesHuman Cusp – Book – A Crisis [More]
Keynote address to the Association of Transformational Leaders, North Hollywood, September 14, 2018. Sections showing audience interaction removed by agreement with ATL.