How to solve a Rubik’s Cube? You will need the GAN I Smart Rubik’s Cube, your iPhone and robot. Moreover, this robot can solve the Rubik’s Cube in record time, which is faster than the world record. ✅ The easiest way to solve a 3×3 rubik’s cube: 🔷 If you like this video don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 SUBSCRIBE: 🔷 Instagram: 🔷 Tiktok: Mail for commercial offers: #SmartRubik’sCube #Cubastic #Robot #Rubik’sCube #Solve3x3
Youtube made me remove the Cube movie trailer because of copyright, so check it out here : PS – the lengths of these videos could not be more synchronistic, original time before I was forced to cut out trailer was 33:47. I know this is a longer video but I advise you watch it all, its a pretty complex idea and it has been discussed frequently over the years by different researchers. I have tried to pull together all the necessary information to give you a general overview of the theory. Geordie Rose – Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here: Ringmakers of Saturn PDF: If you are interested in learning more about these idea’s head over to PastSaturnsRings on Reddit: Also check out Nick Hinton’s thread: Part 2 will be out soon.
On this list, we are going to see Rubik’s Cube Robts which broke world records: fastest and the unique new inventions. We will explain how a self-solving Rubik’s cube works and will also talk about the Open AI’s robot hand that can solve the Rubik’s cube and also will talk about the Gan Robot which is made for consumers and is powered by a smartphone. 1. Cubestomer 3 (made from LEGO) Powered by Samsung Galaxy S4, CubeStormer 3 robot broke the Guinness World Record for solving a Rubik’s cube in 3.253 seconds in 2014. The robot was built by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, creators of CubeStormer 1, Android Speedcuber and CubeStormer 2. 2. Paul Rose and Jay Flatland Rubik’s Cube Robot This Rubik’s cube solving robot was developed by two software developers Paul Rose and Jay Flatland. On February 5th, 2016, the machine broke the 2.39 seconds world record held by Zackary Gromko’s robot, by solving the cube in 0.9 seconds using. Four USB webcams are used to feed data into software running on a Linux PC that determines the cube-state and this, in turn, is relayed to the Kociemba Rubik’s Cube solving algorithm. The algorithm then determines a set of moves to solve the Rubik’s Cube and the instructions are sent to the stepper motors. 3. Sub1 Reloaded Built by Infineon’s engineer Albert Beer from Germany, The Sub1 Reloaded smashed the Guinness World Record by becoming the fastest robot to solve a Rubik’s with just 0.637 seconds in [More]