Do we live in one of many universes? On this episode of StarTalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice investigate the theory of the multiverse with physicist and author, Prof. Max Tegmark. To start, we dive into the different theories and levels of the multiverse and how they differ from each other. What do people even mean when they say multiverse? Is it just more unidentifiable parts of space or whole parallel universes? You’ll learn about inflation theory and quantum multiverses. We ponder whether there may be an Evil Chuck out there lurking in some other universe? Discover the idea behind infinite infinities. What does it mean for one infinity to be bigger than another infinity? We explore Einstein’s theory of general relativity and how it relates to infinity. Can you have infinite infinities within a finite universe? Could parallel universes exist within a multiverse? We investigate our definition of the universe and if there could be more space beyond it. How does the multiverse affect our universe? Is there any observational evidence to suggest it actually exists? Does dark energy have anything to do with it? We get into how to test seemingly untestable theories and how exploring these holes in our knowledge gave us quantum mechanics. You’ll also learn how a multiverse would even begin and what might exist between universes. Find out about Hilbert space and decoherence. Would Evil Chuck know about our own Good Chuck? Many more questions answered on another episode of StarTalk! [More]