As preview World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2021, one of the most spectacular AI conference, in July, we are very happy to announce our first ever international webinar on June 22 Tuesday on a very compelling topic relevant to the international community on how we can collaborate to shape our future in a sustainable way with AI. We are very excited to invite the following four top AI experts from all over the world to have an open dialogue and share their perspectives on key areas of AI research, technology, applications, ethics, governance, risk management and impact on #society and #humanity: – Dr. Francesca Rossi, IBM AI Ethics Global Leader, AAAI Next President, IBM Fellow, AAAI Fellow – Dr. Otthein Herzog, University of Bremen, Tongji University Fellow of acatech – German National Academy of Science and Engineering, – Dr. Yew Soon Ong Chief AI Scientist, Nanyang Technological University President’s Chair Professor, IEEE Fellow – Mr. Feng Tian, Dean of SenseTime 商汤科技 Intelligent Industry Research Institute, ex-Founding Dean of Alibaba Cloud Research Moderated by: – Dr. James (Kayliang) Ong, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII) & SUTD Adjunct Professor