An updated guide on large ME controllers and P2P networking. You can support me and the channel! Read more here: I have done videos about these things before, but when I got a question to help out with a problem I took the opportunity to also make an updated video on the subject. I think the old videos didn’t have the visible channel info from The One Probe or the colored tunnels which makes things much easier compared to how it used to be. Btw, I think it’s called “Back bone network”… 😉 Read more about me and what I do here: All my AE2 videos are gathered in this playlist: Key items and blocks in this video: – ME Controller – P2P Tunnel – Memory Card – ME Networks – Auto-crafting If you like what you see, please hit “like” and feel free to comment and share. And of course, subscribe if you want to see more! I can be found on social medias as well, for video announcements and general updates. They are also the preferred way to send a non-video related question or comment. Oh, and sometimes I do things on Twitch as well! Game details for this video: Twitch App Minecraft 1.12.2 – Custom Pack Forge Applied Energistics 2 [rv6-stable-6] Find Applied Energistics 2 here: