Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuit podcast is Carlos Meza. Carlos is the CEO of Crowd Content — a thriving content publishing agency and marketplace that has recently acquired Content Refined and Rocket Content AI. Carlos talks to Jared about all things content and what it takes to produce the people-first content that Google wants from blogs and websites. He provides tips and advice on everything you need to know about creating quality articles, whitepapers, and blog posts that rank well in search engines. You get advice on the importance of creating an outline and how to do this effectively for your content. Moreover, there’s advice and tips on the fundamentals and what it takes to make an authentic piece of writing. If you’re at the stage in your business where you need to branch out and scale your content production, Carlos provides tips and advice on how to do this effectively and the pitfalls to avoid. Many people make mistakes when moving from writing their own content to scaling it up with paid writers, so it’s great to get Carlos’s thoughts and expert advice on this. In addition, the conversation focuses on AI (artificial intelligence) and how it will play a role in creating content moving forward. Finally, Carlos gives his honest opinion and shares some significant use cases and ideas on using AI technology for content creation now and in the future. Other Topics Discussed: * Why content is so important for SEO * What exactly is quality [More]
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Do you want to create high-quality blog content, emails and Facebook ads in minutes instead of hours? If so, this new tool may be the solution you need: In this video I’ll show you exactly how it works so you can decide if artificial intelligence can help you with your content marketing! For a deep dive training that shows step-by-step how to use AI to write blog posts that rank on Google, watch this training, here: You already know that content creation isn’t easy. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to come up with ideas that are unique, valuable and interesting for your audience. Creating quality content on a regular basis is one of the most difficult parts of running your own business, online. It’s excruciatingly time consuming, and many entrepreneurs struggle to find ways to write more frequently without sacrificing quality. Now, AI isn’t capable of writing entire blog posts in the same way as you or an outsourced writer will… But AI will help you streamline the process and create workable drafts, fast. Improving your process around writing, outlining and drafting blog posts is the path to creating high-quality content in just minutes. Let the AI do the research for you and suggest compelling titles, write engaging introductions, create persuasive bullet points, organize your outlines and more. By focusing on the PROCESS of blogging and integrating AI technologies, you can save time and create more great content. For more info on my exact [More]
How you can speed up the creation of many repetitive descriptions significantly by using AX Semantics software? You will learn this in this video. AX Semantics software is intuitive and quickly able to generate all the content needed to keep pace with your business needs. AX software is 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming or IT departments required. Our self-service with integrated e-learning allows customers to start automating text within 48 hours – more than 500 customers have already done this successfully. We already work with some of the world’s best known brands on content generation
This is the recording of a webinar hosted by One Inside in September 2020. Our experts Clemens Blumer and Samuel Schmitt will explain – What is an intelligent conversational interface – How to run an AI Chatbot project successfully – How your marketing team can manage a conversational interface directly from the CMS
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