The renowned Berlin painter Roman Lipski has been working for two years with his Artificial Muse A.I.R., which inspires and augments him in his artistic work and pushes him to new frontiers. Now we present the latest generation of the muse, that is based on generative networks and allows for an intuitive and fluid interaction between artist and algorithm. Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks at its core, cGANs for short, A.I.R. translates sketches directly into new inspirations, facets and images. While the algorithm itself is mathematically complex and not easily accessible to human understanding, Lipski’s new approach to the muse exemplifies how curious discovery and experimentation can lead to intuitive understanding and ultimately trust, in a new generation of tools, in artificial intelligence per se. Explainability by interaction, trust by time. In our talk we will take a deep dive into the technical layer and share the learnings we made at “the inbetweens” of Roman and his Artificial Muse, of human and artificial intelligence. And this is just the beginning… Florian Dohmann, CEO, Birds on Mars Roman Lipski, Artist, Atelier Lipski
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