Aligned with Strata San Jose 2018! Location: San Jose Convention Center, LL21 B 150 W San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95113 Talk 0: Meetup Updates and Announcements (by Chris Fregly, Founder & Engineer @ PipelineAI) * We hit 11,000 members!!! Talk 1: Deploying Serverless TensorFlow AI Models and Functions on a Kubernetes Cluster using PipelineAI and OpenFaaS by Chris Fregly, Founder & Engineer @ PipelineAI Abstract: Through a series of live demos, Chris will create and deploy a model ensemble using the PipelineAI Platform with GPUs, TensorFlow, and Scikit-Learn. Talk 2: Alpha Go Zero/AlphaZero with TensorFlow, Probabilistic Methods, and Neural Network Techniques by Brett Koonce, CTO @ Quarkworks Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss how Google built Alpha Go Zero/AlphaZero to master the game of Go by combining probabilistic methods, neural network techniques and Tensorflow. * Talk 3: Human in the Loop: Bayesian Rules Enabling Explainable AI by Pramit Choudhary, Lead Data Scientist @ Abstract: The adoption of machine Llearning to solve real-world problems has increased exponentially, but users still struggle to derive full potential of the predictive models. It is no longer sufficient to evaluate a model’s accurate prediction just on a validation set based on error metrics. However, there is still a dichotomy between explainability and model performance when choosing an algorithm. Linear models and simple decision trees are often preferred over more complex models such as ensembles or deep learning models for ease of interpretation, but this often results in loss in accuracy. [More]