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Iran’s Cyber Capabilities: Superior Technology – Capacidade Cibernética do Irã Cyberwarfare in Iran is a part of Iran’s “Soft war” military strategy. Being both a victim and predator of cyberwarfare, Iran is considered an emerging military power in the field. Since November 2010, an organization called “The Cyber Defense Command” has been operating in Iran under the supervision of the country’s “Passive Civil Defense which is itself a subdivision of the Joint Staff of Iranian Armed Forces. According to a 2014 report by Institute for National Security Studies, Iran is “one of the most active players in the international cyber arena”. In 2013, a Revolutionary Guards general stated that Iran has “the 4th biggest cyber power among the world’s cyber armies. Music: Grégoire Lourme – Infinite Exile (Reprise – Featuring Nora Fodil)