Jyotsana Aggarwal, Bangalor, CEO After quitting a corporate job as Managing Director of a leading ed-tech company, Jo Aggarwal began working with young people in post conflict zones like Yemen, Syria and Iraq to address the root causes of terrorism. The nonprofit she helped set up was backed by Prime Ministers, CEO’s, Queens, Nobel prize winners, and a hundred million dollars in funding from the Emir of Qatar. Her work helped connect over a million people in the region to jobs, and won the silver at the Stevie Awards along with the Global Telecom Business Innovation award in 2013. Her learnings from this work eventually led her back to India. Starting from scratch with no income, she and her husband began building a startup in AI and mental health. She then lost a close friend’s son to suicide and battled founders depression of her own. As a side effect of her own healing and unlearning so much of what she thought she knew, Wysa, an empathetic AI coach for emotional wellbeing was born. In the last two years, Wysa has had over seventy million conversations with over a million people in 30 countries. Thirty one people have said Wysa saved their life. One 13 year old girl wrote to Jo saying she had tried to commit suicide and Wysa was the only thing helping her hold on. Stand Up For Passion is a global inspiration agency producing dynamic, empowering, and thought-provoking live events, conferences, workshops, seminars, and keynotes.