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Full Course of E Commerce and M Commerce(ECMC Lectures) – In this video you can learn about Types of E-Commerce Models in E Commerce and M Commerce course. The video explains: following Types of E-Commerce Models: (i) Business to Consumer(B2C), (ii) Business to Business(B2B), (iii) Consumer to Business(C2B), (iv) Consumer to Consumer(C2C), and Peer to Peer with examples. This topic is very important for College University Semester Exams and Other Competitive exams. Types of E-Commerce – B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C and Peer to Peer with Examples #ECMC Lectures E-Commerce and M-Commerce Video Lectures in Hindi/English 👉 Follow us on Social media: Facebook: ▶️ Links for Hindi playlists of all subjects are: Data Structure: #DBMS : #Java: Control System: Computer Network Security: Web Engineering: Operating System: EDC: TOC: Software Engineering: DCN: Data Warehouse and Data Mining: Compiler Design: Information Theory and Coding: Computer Organization and Architecture(COA): Discrete Mathematics (Graph Theory): Discrete Mathematics Lectures: C Programming: C++ Programming: Algorithm Design and Analysis(ADA): E-Commerce and M-Commerce(ECMC): Adhoc Sensor Network(ASN): Cloud Computing: STLD (Digital Electronics): Artificial Intelligence: Links for #GATE/#UGCNET/ PGT/ TGT CS Previous Year Solved Questions: UGC NET : DBMS GATE PYQ : TOC GATE PYQ: ADA GATE PYQ: OS GATE PYQ: DS GATE PYQ: Network GATE PYQ: CD GATE PYQ: Digital Logic GATE PYQ: C/C++ GATE [More]
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Matt Zeiler is the CEO of Clarifai, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and identify different videos and images. While there are a lot of uses for image recognition — you’ve probably most recently interacted with facial recognition, for instance, on Facebook — Zeiler said online retail stands to benefit significantly from using AI. “You have to be thinking about it in your business,” Zeiler said at Recode’s Code Commerce event in New York. “This is going to change every interaction with your customers.” Watch his full presentation. — Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Follow Recode on Twitter: Follow Recode on Instagram: Read more:, SAP Preferred Partner, helps enterprises prepare for the new business model connecting companies, ecosystems, and customers through a conversational UI and its intelligent chatbots, integrated with SAP Solutions