In this episode, I have invited one of the most ravishing young podcaster- Vida Vidyangi Patil. I am so much honoured to have Vida on my show. She is a Podcaster, YouTuber and a Public Speaker. She is also an author and is now writing her third book – Startup to Win. Vida has been a life coach and a great mentor for many of her clients all over the world. Timecodes: 0:00 Teaser 0:16 Intro 1:12 Vida’s journey of blogging and building her brand 6:24 Out of body experience that changed her life, Meditation and Vedas 13:02 Effective time management using delegation 18:18 Why CEO’s and Startup owners are high-achievers? 24:12 AI and how AI Ethics and governance are paramount today 30:54 Movie: The Kashmir Files If you like Episode, then please subscribe to my channel, listen to all my podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and many places while you are on the road or whenever you like. “It is the ideas that change the world. Let us learn new ideas and information to make a better world!” – SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and “ring the bell” for all the latest videos from ‘The SCI-AI Podcast’ at – Listen to us on Buzzsprout: – LIKE us on Facebook: – FOLLOW us on Twitter: – FOLLOW us on Instagram: – SUBSCRIBE to our channel on Apple Podcast: – SUBSCRIBE to our channel on Spotify Podcast: Support the podcast on Patreon: Connect with [More]