#Freelancing #FreelanceDataScience #Upwork Want to get started with freelancing in machine learning but don’t know where to start? In my new series I’ll break it all down for you. What platform to use, how to write your profile, how to screen clients, how to apply to jobs, and how to deliver. Stay tuned for more episodes. Learn how to turn deep reinforcement learning papers into code: Deep Q Learning: https://www.udemy.com/course/deep-q-learning-from-paper-to-code/?couponCode=DQN-NOV-2020 Actor Critic Methods: https://www.udemy.com/course/actor-critic-methods-from-paper-to-code-with-pytorch/?couponCode=AC-NOV-2020 Reinforcement Learning Fundamentals https://www.manning.com/livevideo/reinforcement-learning-in-motion Come hang out on Discord here: https://discord.gg/Zr4VCdv Website: https://www.neuralnet.ai Github: https://github.com/philtabor Twitter: https://twitter.com/MLWithPhil
Richard Socher (PhD Stanford) talks about his work in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Salesforce. This video was designed in conjunction with award-winning producer Patrick Sammon (co-producer of “Codebreaker”) to explain the benefits of pursuing a PhD in CS. This video showcases a young researcher with a PhD who is now working in industry as they talk about what compelled them to pursue a doctorate and how they are using their advanced training in their work. While many undergraduates understand that a PhD is needed for a position in academia, this video demonstrates how a PhD can be useful in industry as well.