Keynote Title: Cognitive Augmentation Keynote Lecturer: Pattie Maes Presented on: 29/10/2021, Online Streaming Abstract: Computers, smartphones and smart watches are generally considered tools that enhance productivity. But while they have put the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, people need additional skills in order to be successful and realize their goals. Maes’ work explores how future personal devices may help us with cognitive skills such as attention, motivation, behavior change, memory, creativity, and emotion regulation. Her interdisciplinary research group is inspired by literature from Brain and Cognitive Sciences, makes use of sensor and machine learning technology, and adopts a human-centered Design approach to create and study new wearable and immersive systems that can help people strengthen some of these “soft skills.” While doing so, the group aims to be mindful of ethical and social issues that are critical in designing highly personal enhancement systems. Conference Website: Presented at the following Conference: CHIRA, 5th International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Research and Applications