The long term goal for Elon Musk and brain to computer interfaces (brain chips) is to merge our minds with artificial intelligence. While the short term goal for Neuralink and other companies is to help people with medical issues. This short documentary video takes a look at connecting our brains to computers, and how this works is explained. We also take a look at the downsides of people connecting their brains, the technology being used today, and Elon Musk’s thoughts. Other topics in the video include: • How in the future we could download and upload our memories and dreams so they are not forgotten • The different types of brain to computer implants and devices • Updates (demonstrating and testing on pigs, and soon humans) and a summery of where we are today with this technology • Tutorial on how it works • And what other sci-fi like things will brains connected to computers allow us humans to do
Over the past five years, over 50 companies dedicated to making artificial intelligence run faster have sprung up. Whether in data centers or in cars, like Tesla’s automobiles, all of these innova-tions arguably started with NVIDIA and the move to deep learning on graphics processing units (GPUs). This created an entire industry. The first AI chip company was Nervana Systems, and its Founder, Naveen Rao, joins us to shares his insights. In this episode, we hear about Naveen’s academic and professional backgrounds and how he used his engineering and neuroscience skills to start Nervana after working at Qualcomm. We discuss what fundraising for Nervana was like and how the venture capital (VC) landscape changed its attitude to hardware concurrent with Nervana’s growth and innovation. The company was ultimately acquired by Intel, and we learn about how it went from a business development proposition to acquisition. Naveen shares the personnel and resource constraints Nervana faced despite being part of a much larger organi-zation such as Intel, and how his role ultimately changed over time. While Intel has kept some of Nervana’s developments, they have also gone in different directions, and Naveen shares his take on this. The discussion also touches on Nervana and NVIDA’s love/hate relationship, what is piquing Naveen’s interest now that he is no longer at Intel, and where he thinks the outcomes of the work in the space are likely to lead. To hear more, tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: · Naveen’s background and moving [More]
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