Free Subscribe Link : Chimpoo Simpoo चिम्पू सिम्पू is an Indian detective action comedy Animated Funny television Show each story It is about two friends Chimpoo, who is a young detective, and his pet #dog Simpoo. They have a closet which contains their detective gadgets and tools. They use their instincts and presence of minds to solve mysterious cases come across to them. Main Chimpoo: Chimpoo (Hindi: चिमपू) is one of the two main characters. He is eight-year-old boy and a young detective. He solves mysteries and find clues about criminals. He usually wears yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. Before adventure, he wears a red detective coat. Simpoo: Simpoo (Hindi: सिमपू) is the second main character. He is a white dog. He is a pet of Chimpoo having extraordinary skills. He helps Chimpoo in solving crimes and catching criminals and villains. Before adventure, he also wears a small red detective coat just like Chimpoo. Dhiya: Dhiya (Hindi: दिया) is the daughter of the city commissioner. She is female main lead. She is a pretty girl and dances very well. She is a friend of Chimpoo. She often helps Chimpoo in his adventures. Commissioner: The anonymous commissioner (Hindi: कमीशीनर) is the father of Chimpoo’s friend Dhiya. He is the commissioner of the city. He has a long mustache and small height. Piyare Laal: Piyare Laal (Hindi: पियारे लाल) is an inspector. He wants to be promoted. He fears from criminals but before commissioner, he shows himself to be very powerful. [More]