Listen to this episode: ‘What The SaaS?!’ Podcast: Prateek Joshi is the founder and CEO of Plutoshift, a data platform for industrial sustainability. They help companies achieve their sustainability goals by reducing the carbon footprint of their operations. Prateek has authored 13 books on Machine Learning and his blog has readership in 200+ countries. He has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg. You can visit to learn more about him. Key takeaways in this episode: Plutoshift was created with a combination of 2 components: Prateek’s knowledge as a Machine Learning Engineer, observing that Machine learning mechanisms are not so present in physical infrastructures as they are in digital environments. A desire to contribute in solving issues related to climate change, focusing on water usage as well as electricity and chemicals. Growing up in a small town in Southern India, Prateek went through the necessity of storing water due to the scarcity of it. Realizing this was the reality of many towns in India, Prateek developed a social and moral duty to help provide such vital resource once he found out the correlation between lack of water and climate change. It was all about customer discovery in the early days. One of the first big questions to be answered was: Who would be interested enough in solving this problem and how well they are doing it today?. A big portion of the early days was also dedicated to understanding more how water facilities were managed in [More]